What I’m Working On

On my blog, you’ll be able to find chapters of Face All the Pain which is a NA novel about a young girl who escapes being kidnapped and has to go back to find the remainder of her family. It has adventure, love, and mystery. I post the new chapters every Friday so stay tuned! (Read more about it and see the title here) It’s been a super duper long time since I’ve updated this and it’s simply because I have no motivation to work on writing at the moment. I keep hoping it will pass and it doesn’t so as soon as things get less weird, you’ll get an update.

I’m currently working on All Scars Heal this month (NaNoWriMo) but I don’t think I’ll be releasing this one or any chapters. It’s a pretty personal story, but I guess we’ll see once it’s done. If you’d like to see my progress on this, I post on Twitter sometimes. (Links are in the ‘Let’s Get In Touch’ page at the top)

Besides that, I’m literally not doing anything. My previously written books are still sitting in a document waiting to be revised, but like I said, I haven’t had the motivation to get around to it. Sorry for the boring update and hopefully in a few months I’ll have more news for you. 😉


*I have multiple other WIPs, but those are the top of the list. It really depends on how I’m feeling for which story I decide to write at the time. I’ll keep this page updated as things change or I switch to a different main story. :)*


UPDATED 11/03/17


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