What I’m Working On

On my blog, you’ll be able to find chapters of Face All the Pain which is a NA novel about a young girl who escapes being kidnapped and has to go back to find the remainder of her family. It has adventure, love, and mystery. I post the new chapters every Friday so stay tuned! (Read more about it and see the title here) Since I’ve been in a bit of a hiatus, I haven’t been updating this story, but I’m hoping to sometime soon, so stay tuned for that. 😉

It’s currently December as I’m writing this and I just finished NaNoWriMo where I wrote Light the Way. It’s a story about a witch named Esme and her life as a fugitive witch, living in a world of humans. It’s not finished yet, and I’m looking to complete it in the early months of 2017 and then edit it.

Along with Light the Way, I’m still writing The Writer and the Artist (yes, the one I was writing in April and July for Camp NaNo 2016) I’m going slow with this one, because I feel like it’s portraying exactly what I want it to if I write slowly instead of getting the words on the page and editing it later. I’m still writing it, but I have been looking for beta readers for this story, so if you’d like to be notified when I’m done and be one of the first people to read it, you can comment down below and tell me or contact me through the ‘Let’s Get in Touch’ page! 🙂 The synopsis is: “Rose is the writer, full of stories and rhymes. Her beautiful lyrics give anyone who hears it goosebumps. Her novels tell her feelings like none other but she can’t seem to tell him how she feels. Daniel is the artist. His sketches amaze all around him and his paintings are beyond belief. He paints her constantly without thinking but he can’t tell her for the fear of ruining what they have. When Rosemary’s mom is on her death bed, they both have to put aside what keeps them apart to travel across the waters for a cure with minimal money and no supervision. It could be romantic, right? Will this be the happily ever after they’d been hoping for?”

I have multiple other WIPs, but those are the top of the list. It really depends on how I’m feeling for which story I decide to write at the time. I’ll keep this page updated as things change or I switch to a different main story. 🙂


UPDATED 12/04/16


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