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Bonjour, mes amis! Welcome to this new addition to my blog! I know that #1lineWed is a big part in some people’s week, and since I have many posts about it, I’m going to compile them here! This is also a good way to get inspiration from other’s writing without having to go through years worth of tweets on Twitter!

Here’s how this page is set up. The very first #1lineWed post on my blog will be at the bottom. The very last one that I’ve written will be at the top and I will try to update this page as I write more. If you think you missed a #1lineWed favorites post, look on here and if you’ve read the one on the top of the page, you haven’t missed any. Also, I’ve written out next to every single one of the posts what the theme was for that day, so if you need inspiration from that, you can go by theme. (Don’t even ask how long that took…) 🙂 If you have any questions, comment below, or message me on any of the links on the page ‘Let’s Get in Touch’ (which you can find at the top)!

*Oh! And before I forget, in the earliest posts, there’s often a glitch with the profile pictures of the writers, but it’s not because there’s something wrong with the page or your computer. If the person has changed their profile photo after I write the post, it’ll show up as an error only because it doesn’t have the link to the new photo. ;)*

Also, I’ve added and tried all of these links myself, but if there seems to be a problem (ex:it doesn’t work or it leads you to the wrong page) please comment or message me and I can try to fix it! 😀

                              Theme                         |                                        Link

Books/pages                                            |   #1LINEWED FAVORITES: JAN. 25 | ECRITS DU COEUR

Trees/limbs/branches/leaves             |  #1LINEWED FAVORITES: JANUARY 17

Wind                                                          |   #1LINEWED FAVORITES: JULY 27

Fire/burning/flames                             |   #1LINEWED FAVORITES: JULY 20

Water                                                         |   #1lineWed Favorites: July 13

Sky                                                              |   #1lineWed Favorites: June 29

Line                                                            |   #1lineWed Favorites: June 22

Lines from pages 6, 16, or 160           |   #1lineWed Favorites- June 15

Anger                                                         |   #1lineWed Favorites: May 25

Hook (the last of a chapter)               |   #1lineWed Favorites: May 18

Pretty                                                         |   #1lineWed Favorites- May 4

Back                                                           |    #1lineWed Favorites- April 13

Up                                                               |    #1lineWed Favorites- April 6

Lines from pages 23, 123, or 223       |    #1lineWed Favorites: Mar. 23

Smile                                                         |    #1lineWed Favorites: Mar. 9

Needs                                                        |    #1lineWed Favorites- Mar. 2

Nicknames                                              |    #1lineWed (On a Thursday!) Favorites: Feb. 24

Texture                                                     |    #1lineWed Favorites- Feb. 17

Smell/ scent                                            |    #1lineWed Favorites- Feb. 10

Comfort                                                    |    #1lineWed Favorites: Feb. 3

Sun                                                             |    #1lineWed Favorites: Jan. 27

Dark                                                           |    #1lineWed Favorites- Jan. 20

New                                                            |    #1lineWed Favorites- Jan. 6