Écrits du Coeur

If you didn’t already know, (but really how could you not?) I renamed my blog!


Before, the name of my blog was ‘Jasmine’s Writing Corner’ but I think that it didn’t flow nicely and I was getting kind of tired of seeing it. Naming it Jasmine’s Writing Corner was a decision that I made rather abruptly because I had no other ideas for a name. Then, while I was making blog posts in my head when I couldn’t sleep, (this seems to be the basis of every good idea I have) I came up with the idea of renaming it.

I’m teaching myself French (and it’s actually going really well. I’m using this app called Memrise– link to the Google Play Store- where you can learn a whole bunch of languages including sign language! How cool is that?) and I’m really enjoying it. French is such a pretty language and there’s a lot to learn. Anyway, I wanted my blog title to be something that has to do with French.


I researched and found two titles I liked. They were: Écrits du Coeur (Writings from the Heart) and Mots Fluides (Flowing Words). I asked you guys on Twitter and you guys chose the first one! Alas, Écrits du Coeur was born.

In case you were wondering, you say Écrits du Coeur like eh-KREE doo ker (it’s a little hard trying to figure out how to pronounce the last word because the French say things a little differently. If you want the actual pronunciation, I would look it up on Google Translate, but how I said to say it is pretty close.)

Update: Here’s some videos on how to say Ecrits du Coeur! (For the first one, ignore the ‘il’ part.)

I’m most likely going to keep this one for a while (but I’m very unpredictable, so I don’t even know) but I like this name a lot better than the one before.

I’d love some feedback- do you like the name? Is it hard to pronounce? Does changing the name make my blog sound more interesting?


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