24in48 readathon Kick-Off!

We’re starting and pumped, right?! The readathon has officially started!

Last July I participated and posted a new update every hour on here, but there has been some last minute plans made this weekend. I’ll be away from my computer where I write posts and I’ll try to read a full 24 hours, but it might not happen.

Here’s my plan: I have a group of books I’m planning on reading this weekend (most of them classics) but also some audiobooks so even when I’m busy I can be reading! I’ll be updating on Twitter fairly regularly and I’ll do one post per day. One after Saturday and one after Sunday. It’ll tell what books I’ve read and how many hours into it I am.

If you’re participating, Tweet me (@jasmine_writes_) and we can talk about books and tips on how to get to 24 hours!

Sorry for this short post, but I just wanted everyone to know what was going on before I jump into things. Thank you for reading and I’ll keep you updated, loves!


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