EVO Nation by KJ Chapman | Book Review

Hello, everyone!!!

I’m super happy to be here with you today because I get to talk about books! This past week, I had multiple doctor’s visits and hospital visits (I’m fine and I’ll tell you more about all of that at the end of this post!) and while waiting, I decided to read this book! If you wanna know what I thought about it, keep on reading!


Title: EVO Nation

Author: K.J. Chapman

Published: K.J. Chapman

Edition: 2016 ebook

My rating: *****/***** (5/5)


The government tortures her, her own kind use her, and she is learning the true meaning of ulterior motives. Teddie Leason has been dragged into the festering underbelly of the secretive world of EVO; a world about to be blown wide apart. EVO are the next link in evolution, but with that title come the dangers of capture, torture, and experimentation. And with that threat come the need to survive, and a breed of EVO who are set to not only thrive, but rule. Teddie has the fate of the EVO and Non-EVO world resting on her shoulders, and now, the reclusive teenager who couldn’t get upset without her unruly ability causing destruction, has to somehow embrace her gift to save her new friends and her new love. Will the actions of one man fuel a suppressed, supremacist cult’s desire for war and vengeance, or will Teddie be strong enough to stop him? Should she stop him?

Now, what you just read is the synopsis on Amazon and Goodreads. I think it’s 100% spot-on with what the story is about and I can’t even top it. I will tell you the summary without all the fluff, though, in case you were curious. There’re these hybrid humans called EVOs and they have all these crazy cool powers like telepathy, telekinesis, hydrokinesis and such. Teddie, the main character is an EVO and she pretty much gets wrapped into a bunch of stuff and it’s really up to her and her friends to protect others like them.

In the beginning, it was feeling a lot like Divergent in a way (which is not a bad thing- I love Divergent) but then it faded into something that I can’t even describe in words. It was a mix between Divergent and The Maze Runner with a spin of its own and I was in love with it.

To me, it really felt like multiple books were wrapped into one. Like, we would get to a crazy-action filled part and then it would die down a bit and then go into another, die down a bit, and then another and so on. I don’t know how most other people feel, but when I finish reading a book, I literally feel empty inside and want more even if there are still more books to go. With this book, it fueled that need and I’m forever grateful.

Also, something that I wanted to point out is that I kept completely forgetting who wrote it. No, that came out wrong. 😀  I actually know K.J. I’ve been following her on Twitter and reading her blog for about a year now and I would actually consider her to be a friend of mine. Backstory aside, when I read books by people I know, I constantly think about them writing this book, putting a story into these words, and ultimately, them as the character. When I was reading this, the writing was so phenomenal that I could feel the character and the writer as different people- you know? I might just be completely insane, but I couldn’t get past that when I was thinking of how I was going to review this book.

Anywho, I have a system for rating books. I give a book a star for each of the qualities I love in books (but I also take into account the other qualities to make my final decision). I ask myself if I liked each of the things and then give a star for each. 1 for likable/relateable characters, 1 for the overall plot, 1 for the overall writing of it (like if it was easily readable and flowed nicely), 1 for sarcasm/humor/wit (of course, this doesn’t count in all books, but I do love when some characters are sarcastic and the writing has some humor), and the last star would be for if I would re-read it again.

The characters were actually one of my favorite parts about this book. I found myself getting so attached to all of the characters (which is good and bad for this particular book 😉 ) Especially the bond between Teddie and Adam. Now THAT was intense. The overall plot (or should I say plots) had crazy twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time reading it. Like I already said, the writing was fantastic. I felt like I was right there watching the whole thing unfold. It did have some funny moments in it, but it wasn’t an overall humorous book. Still, I was actually laughing at some lines in the book so it’s a bonus for me. 🙂 Lastly, I would TOTALLY read this again. Actually, I’m patiently waiting for this (and the second one) to come out in physical form because I’ll be buying it in a heartbeat. I’m stopping myself from ordering the ebook version of EVO Shift because I want to read it in my hands to get the whole feel of it! K.J., just give me the word and you have my money. 😉

I am going to leave this review spoiler-free because I know how tempting it is to read the whole review and I want you to have the best experience possible while reading it if you have not. 🙂

Okay, now to the part about my doctor visits that I said I would fill you in on. I’ve been having a pretty bad cough for a few months now (which is crazy for a cough) so I went to the doctor and I got allergy medicine since we thought that’s what it was (it just changed from Summer to Fall here and all the pollen everywhere is insane.) It didn’t really work, so I went back and they wanted to make sure I don’t have a lung infection so I was prescribed an inhaler (I might have some form of asthma- but not asthma itself) and went to get x-rays for my chest. They also took some blood to test and make sure everything is fine and we’re waiting on that call any day now. Other than that, I’m fine. Nothing TOO scary and serious, but it’s just a precaution. 🙂

Thank you so much for reading as you are some my favorite people in the world! I might do a review of this book on my YouTube channel, but I’ve honestly already got two that I’ve been putting off editing so if it does happen, it won’t be right now.

I post reviews on Mondays, tags on Tuesdays, my favorite #1lineWed tweets on Wednesdays, sometimes excerpts or short stories on Thursdays, Chapters of Face All the Pain on Fridays, and Random Ramblings on Sundays. I’ll see you all later but until then, keep writing, loves. ❤


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