24in48 read-a-thon | Hour 19

I think I want to skip pleasantries right now so we’ll just get into the update.

It’s now 7:00pm and I’m more exhausted than I care to admit (actually, at this point, I don’t care to admit anything…) I got some advice from Twitter and they all said that I should either take a walk, take a power nap, or try to read some kind of comic book. I’m thinking of buying an audio book and resting my eyes for a while, but I want to finish Me Before You first (I’m an extremely slow reader…)

I’m now on page 321 so we’re getting there. I know I’ve said that in the previous updates, but we just keep getting closer and closer so it looks like I’m getting there even more than I was before (which is true but I’m really sleepy and probably don’t make any sense)

Candy and chocolate milk, unfortunately, don’t do much for your sleepiness, but actually, make you feel sick. I’ll add it to my list of things not to do before and during a readathon.

I’m done with this update. I’ll see you again in an hour…


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