24in48 read-a-thon | Hour 18

Hello again!

We just exited hour 17 and it’s already 6pm (my time). I’m exhausted, on a sugar rush, and losing faith in my ability to read for 24 hours this weekend. I’ve only gotten 4 hours logged and ther’re only a few hours left before the day is entirely gone.

I’m really loving the book I’m reading, though, so that’s really the only thing keeping me from falling asleep. xD I’m on page 311 out of 368 so I’m almost done!

I had planned on reading The Count of Monte Cristo after Me Before You, but I don’t think I’ll be able to get through it. 😉

Maybe I’ll buy an audio-book and listen to that for a while or something. 🙂 See you again in an hour!

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