24in48 read-a-thon | Hour 14

Hello, readers!

I think it’s hour 14 but I’m not quite sure. I’m putting the numbers in order from the first blog post I made about this, but my word document with my hourly plan on it is telling me something different. One of them is clearly wrong so I don’t know… I’m just going to go with my sheet because I think it’s mostly right and say that we just finished hour 15. *Correction- I asked and it was actually hour 14 so I changed it. 🙂 *

Anyway, it’s now 2pm (my time) and I’m at 280 pages out of 368. We’re getting there! Like I (think) I said in the last update, this book is great. And it just keeps getting even MORE great!!!

And I don’t know how we did it, but we actually broke Litsy. It’s horrible, but astonishing all at the same time. It’s back up and running now (but might be a little slow) so you can go and enter more giveaways for the 24in48 reading challenge! 🙂

I have some candy (Butterfinger Bites to be exact) and chocolate milk so I’m all set to keep reading! I’ll see you in the next update (hopefully in an hour!)


See the official 24in48 blog where they ALSO post updates: https://24in48.com/

Follow the official Twitter page for 24in48: https:https://twitter.com/24in48readathon

Follow me on Twitter because I’m also updating you there: https://twitter.com/jasmine_writes_


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