24in48 read-a-thon | Hour 13

Hello, everyone!

We’ve just ended hour 13 and now it’s time for hour 14.

I read for the entire hour from 12 to 1 (my time) and got quite a lot of reading done. I’m now on page 261 out of 368!

This book is beyond wonderful. It’s funny and sad and it makes me feel things that I can’t even explain. Hopefully, I can finish reading it this weekend and have a review out for you on Monday! 🙂

Also, just a reminder, I’m updating more often than on here on Twitter! Click the link below to follow me and see my updates as I read for 24 hours! 😀

I’m hoping to read for the full hour again, but I’ll be back shortly to tell you how that went. xD

See the official 24in48 blog where they ALSO post updates: https://24in48.com/

Follow the official Twitter page for 24in48: https:https://twitter.com/24in48readathon

Follow me on Twitter because I’m also updating you there: https://twitter.com/jasmine_writes_


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