24in48 Read-a-thon | Hour 12

Hello, lovelies!

This post is going to be an introduction for this series that I’m doing and then a regular update like you’ll see for the rest of the time. 🙂

So, I talked about it quite a bit on Twitter, but if you’re not following me, you probably don’t know that I’m doing the 24in48 read-a-thon. This is simply a 48 hour reading challenge where you try to read as much as you can during 24 out of the 48 hours. It’s made to be extremely relaxed; you can split up the time however you’d like and you can still run errands and sleep, you just have to read for at least 24 hours. 🙂

Every hour that I’m available (if I’m at home with my computer) I’ll post one of these updates so you can see how I’m doing with the challenges and what I’m reading and you can also tell me your progress if you’re doing it as well! 🙂 They’ll be frequent today, but probably short so you don’t have to worry too much. 😉

The challenge actually started a midnight this morning (it was 11pm for me) but I have not read yet. I woke up not too long ago (yes, I sleep in extremely late…) and now I’m ready to start reading!

First, I’m going to read Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. I have approximately 100 more pages of this book so I’m hoping to finish it soon!

It’s currently 11:44am (as I’m writing this sentence) so we’re almost done with hour 12. 36 hours left and I’m just about to start. 😉


See the official 24in48 blog where they ALSO post updates: https://24in48.com/

Follow the official Twitter page for 24in48: https:https://twitter.com/24in48readathon

Follow me on Twitter because I’m also updating you there: https://twitter.com/jasmine_writes_


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