#1lineWed Favorites: July 13

Hello writers!


It’s wednesday again and you know what that means!!! #1LINEWED IS HERE AGAIN!!


If you didn’t already know, I need to take this time to educate you on the essentials of #1lineWed. It’s actually a hashtag on Twitter where writers from all different stages of their writing come together every week and post a line (or multiple) based on the theme. The theme is usually posted within a week’s time by Kiss of Death on Twitter but I normally retweet it so if you can’t find it, look on either of our feeds.

I’m so sad to say that last week I didn’t participate in #1lineWed or write a blog post. I was busy all day and it wasn’t on the top of my priority list so it was never done. I’m here now, though, so pick a seat, grab some popcorn (or your preferred snack) and kick back because I’m about to blow your mind with the wonderful lines today! 🙂

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Today’s theme was water.

Here were the lines I posted based on the theme:

I woke up to a headache and my hand met something warm and wet. Water dripped down my face and burrowed in the crease of my neck.

The rain was coming harder, faster, and colder. The water felt good at first but then it felt like I was being pelted by icicles.

The cave was quiet except for the echoes of dripping hot water and our shoes making a rhythm every time we each took a step.

“It’s not funny! My cat ate SOAP! I don’t know if I should take it to the vet or give it water or just go along with it?”

 And now for some lines from you guys! You honestly blow me away every week with the brilliance of your lines. The best part is, they’re so out of context that you have to interperet them yourself which makes for a fun game. 😉

All I heard was the sound of my arms slicing through the water and my legs kicking up a small wake behind me.

It was like stepping into a pool of cold water on a hot day: refreshing, but not in itself pleasant.

I was released, face first in a sizzling, smoldering heap into the tub full of water. Displacing it over the sides in a tidal wave

She stared at the screen & felt caught in a torrential downpour of projects. She decided to swim before drowning in her own words.

My human shield roared with water and heat, his shirt drenched by the streams of liquid rising from his hand.

“Did something crawl into my mouth and die?” He offered water. “You vomited earlier.” “And you witnessed that tragedy?” “I did.”

Small boats ply the waters with sail or oar, with fishing or burdens of produce for market, chattel of a woman changing household

: I’m not even sure where I was— maybe I was lost in the water, or the mist, or the river, or the sky.

He pats the side of the sphere. “Yep. A floating bunker for your water-based apocalypse needs.”

She was so dehydrated. She couldn’t afford splurging what little moisture she had left in her body on tears.

“That hair, for example. Black, brown and a hint of blue. There’s something almost colorless, too; like moonlight over water.”

Clive didn’t like Dorian but refused to admit this as it seemed rude to dislike anyone whose home planet had been destroyed.

It’s like the opposite of looking at an aquarium; we’re the ones surrounded by sharks & octopuses & things that glow in the dark.

“I heard you punched Bill into the lake for saying something about me. What’d he say?” “Something he probably won’t say again.”

She sniffed the drop of water that ran from an escaped straggling rat’s tail of hair down her nose to hang precariously at the tip

There was less than a foot between us in that bed, but my lies had filled it with an ocean of grief that was too wide to cross.

I curled up in the corner of the sofa w/a bottle of spring water & contemplated the consequences of falling in love with a Vampire

A water-rotten hand juts over the side, it claws for me, flesh dangling like onion peels around splintered finger bones. 

He loved her; enough that he wouldn’t watch her burn at the stake. The first arrow he launched struck her heart, but killed him.

And that’s it for today, lovely people! I promise to be back next Wednesday even if I have to come back from the dead to share some tweets with you guys!

Thank you for reading and playing along! See you next week!

I post reviews on Mondays, tags on Tuesdays, my favorite #1lineWed tweets on Wednesdays, sometimes excerpts or short stories on Thursdays, Friday Prompts on Fridays, and Random Ramblings on Sundays. I’ll see you all later but until then, keep writing, loves.:)

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