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Hello everyone!

Today’s post is a very exciting one! I’ll tell you a little bit more about a story I’m titling Face All the Pain. (The humongous surprise I’ve been keeping from you for a few months!) It’s a story that I’m also putting up on Wattpad (which you can find here) but for those of you who don’t have a Wattpad account, you can read it right here on Ecrits du Coeur!

In this intro, you’ll get a summary, the synopsis, and you’ll get to meet the characters! I might do little extras every once in a while where the characters are interviewed or I give you a little more insight, but I should be able to get an actual chapter out every week. Fridays are the official day that I’ll be posting, but sometimes they may be late or early depending on what’s going on.

As of this point, Face All the Pain is being written and edited as I go along. I decided to share it during the writing process, so that’s what I’m gonna do! Because I haven’t written the ending, there may be some things missing from the story the first time I write it, but that’s just how it goes. Hopefully, I’ll edit it as much as I can after each chapter so it won’t be so bad but there’s only so much I can do.

This is a total experiment. If you guys like this story and the idea of me posting it while I write, I’ll be sure to do more like this. In the meantime, bear with me. If you guys like it, I’ll edit it up and then probably get it published!


Now, here’s the synopsis I’ve used on Wattpad:

A devastating murder

A horrifying kidnapping

A unforgettable adventure

Vanessa Padmore witnesses the murder of her parents and is the victim of a random kidnapping. Being kept in captivity for years without leaving is what Vani expected ever since the beginning, but circumstances change…

Five years later, Vani must go back to her old life to find the surviving members of her family. What she finds instead makes her, her four year old son, and her old friends pack everything up and take a road trip across states.

Can she face all the pain of the years before or will she let them haunt her forever?


And I can also give you guys a summary that isn’t filled with as much fluff as the synopsis:

Vanessa’s parents are murdered right before her eyes and then she’s kidnapped. She was forced to leave her younger brother and sister behind when she was forced into a truck with duct tape binding her mouth, hands, and feet. Now, five years later, Vani has a four year old son and manages to escape her kidnapper’s watchful eye. She goes back to her old house to find her brother and sister who she told to go with the neighbors right before she was left but is unable to find them. It’s said that they’ve been taken to a foster care in another state and they’re not sure which one. Vani and her old best friends must take a road trip to find clues to eventually find Vani’s siblings.

If that sounds at all interesting, this book is for you! Now, just to be clear, as of this moment, I have no end goal or outline whatsoever. I’m hoping I can just wing it so we’ll see how this goes. Maybe after it’s done, I can go back and revise. Then, get it published? We shall see! But I can’t do any of it without you guys! Give me all the feedback you can! Any spelling, grammar, or plot holes you see you can comment down below and I’ll make a note to change them ASAP!

I also made a cover for it! This is just a mock cover and I just found the pictures online, but I figured it could be temporary. I did, however, edit the picture of the people walking on the beach to make it more dark, added the bird cage, added the birds flying in the sky, and added the text.

Face All the Pain.png

Since you’ve seen the cover, I’d love some feedback! I can also give you a little information on the story idea and how the cover relates.

Vani is forced to relive her past, answer horrible questions, and ultimately go back to being normal. In order to do this, she has to ‘face all the pain and take it on’ which is a line from a My Chemical Romance song titled The Only Hope For Me is You. I interpret that line as you have to go and face all the things that have happened to you in order to move on. You can’t go anywhere in life if you ignore it all and that’s exactly what Vani is going through during this whole story.

Also, if you’ve read the summary, you’d realize that birds and walking on beaches have nothing whatsoever to do with the story. Furthermore, you can clearly see in the reflection in the water that there is no cage or birds. This is a sure sign that it is, in fact symbolism. In reality, they’re just walking on the beach but it means so much more than that. That’s their freedom. Birds represent freedom, breaking away from what has kept you unhappy for so long, and even isolation sometimes. In the second chapter, Vani finally breaks away from her problems, but in doing so finds out that she’s no longer a part of the world she used to know. She’s changed, the world has changed, so she feels alone.

In the cover, I’ve made it to seem like Vani and her son are setting the birds free from the open cage together because he has been a big part of her life. In captivity, he was the only one who kept her from ending her life so it only seems reasonable that she share her freedom with him.


Okay, moving on! I have pictures of all of the characters (but you’ll have to keep reading to find out where they come into play!) and I’ll link to this page in every chapter’s post so that you can refer back to the GIFs (or if they don’t work- they don’t work on my blog for some reason sometimes…- you can always look up pictures of the actors/actresses) when they show up in the story!

Lyndon Smith as Vani Padmore

vanivani 2vani 3

Luke Benward as Calum Johnson

calum.gifcalum 2calum 3

Elizabeth Gillies as Lila Moren

lilalila 2lila 3

Bella Thorne as Maya Jackson
mayamaya 3maya 2
Samuel Patrick Chu as John Friman (I couldn’t find any GIFs for Sam…)
johnjohn 2john 3



That’s all I have for now you guys! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment them down below! I’m extremely excited to start sharing this story with you and I really hope you enjoy it.

I haven’t done a question in a while so here we go: Who’s your favorite male actor and female actress? Mine is probably Robert Pattinson and Shailene Woodley.

I post book reviews on Mondays, tags on Tuesdays, my favorite #1lineWed tweets on Wednesdays, short stories or excerpts on Thursdays, chapters of Face All the Pain on Fridays, and Random Ramblings on Sundays. I’ll see you all later, but until then, keep writing, loves. 🙂


Find my previous post here: Infernal Ties by Holly Evans | Book Review


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  All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof
may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever
without the express written permission of the author
except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.
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8 thoughts on “Intro and Summary into ‘Face All the Pain’ | Face All the Pain

  1. I like the cover, and your reasons for the details of it make total sense. Something I’d like to add, though, is that, the way the title is angled, it looks like the birds are flying away from the word “pain.” That’s pretty cool, if you read into it a bit. 🙂

    Also, I love the pictures. Casting characters is something I enjoy as it gives me a way to visualize them and make them more real. I can’t wait to start reading.

    Finally, my current favorite male actor is Ben Affleck simply because, after his performance in Batman v Superman, I am so looking forward to his solo Batman film. He says he won’t do it until the script is right, and that makes me feel even better about the movie. My current favorite female actor is… I’m not sure. I think I’m in a transition phase in which my most recent favorite female actor is sliding into the background as the days tick by and we get closer and closer to the release of Star Wars: Rogue One; at which point, my favorite female actor will probably be Felicity Jones, who plays the lead role. She just looks so awesome in the trailer.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I really like that! I wouldn’t have thought of it if you hadn’t said something so thanks. 😉

      I like it, too. If I don’t create a cast (even just for a few people) the characters are all cartoons in my head and it doesn’t quite work out when writing a realistic style book. I’m so glad you’re excited to read it because I’m excited to share it! I’ve had so much fun writing it thus far and I think it’ll turn out really well in the end. 🙂

      I’m sad to say… I’ve never seen that Batman movie. I think I always meant to but it never happened. I like Ben Affleck, though. 😉 That’s really all you need to know, right? If they’re awesome in the trailer, they must be awesome everywhere else. ;P

      Thanks for your comment! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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  3. Your passion for this project leaps off the page! I’m so excited to see how this progresses for you! I love the cover and your cast looks amazing! Thanks for sharing it all so far and best of luck with it ❤
    I don't have any favourite actors or actresses at the moment – or maybe the problem is that I have too many 😛
    Stay well 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!!! I’m beyond excited for this. 🙂 I initially had another story I was going to share, but I didn’t feel quite in the mood for it so I switched and I feel so much better about showing this one.
      I feel your pain. 😛 It also doesn’t help that every movie I like, the actors/actresses seem so much better so it just adds to the list.
      You too! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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