#1lineWed Favorites: June 22

Happy Wednesday writers!

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Welcome to this week’s #1lineWed favorites post! If you’re new here, I’m Jasmine! Hope you stay around for a while and visit with some other writers who read this blog frequently. 🙂

For those of you that don’t know, #1lineWed is- you guessed it- a hashtag on Twitter where writers from all different stages of their writing come together every week and post a line based on the theme. The theme is usually posted within a week’s time by Kiss of Death on Twitter but I normally retweet it so if you can’t find it, look on either of our feeds.

Today’s theme was line.

Today is my mom’s birthday and I spent most of the day with her. Therefore, I only posted two lines today. I’ll try to do more next week, but these were the ones I’ve tweeted.

I run as fast as I can by the buildings that line the streets. I’m afraid to look, but I have to. I have to know if I’m winning.

“Why’d you call it ‘The Crack of a Thousand Dudes?'” I scoffed, “It’s a painting of a bunch of lines. What else would I call it?”

And here were the lines I found while looking through the hashtag!

“Josephine, bet you didn’t think you’d hear from me today?” the whiny scumbag’s voice had come across the line. ConvinceMe

It was a small thing to ask that she color outside the lines on occasion. But Nell was rigid and against the frivolity of crayons

Purple powder, cut into three lines, glowed on the mirror. “Pixie dust,” Morgan whispered. “Not a negotiations drug, trust me.”

Tables lined the walls, all of them holding body parts in various sized jars; most of the organs twitched as though still alive.

He smoothed the worry line between her brow with a work rough fingertip. “Please don’t look at me like that.”

“Even in my strange line of work, I’ve never needed to wire a cat. I don’t have the proper gear.”

I crossed a line that should have not been crossed. Gay, straight, whatever. You do not kiss your best friend’s crush.

The realization hit her hard. She looked from his blood stained mouth to the fresh bite on her arm. What had she become?

Not everything can be so easily explained. I fight where I feel I’m needed most; it’s a blurry line between reality and intentions

‘There’s a line of agony where the truth will out,’ she scythed through a cheek with her blade. ‘and we’re about to cross yours.’

Her mouth flattened and stretched down in a clownishly exaggerated line, and her eyes bugged out as if trying to escape her head.

Oswald sent me a look that was something along the lines of ‘thank you’ and ‘but run away now and save yourself’.

They approached the tree line like cats hunting prey – silent, deadly and ready to pounce.

“You create one scandal after another. Women are like dominoes to you. One falls and then the next, and so on. Am I next in line?”

He steps back into the shadows and disappears. I imagine his grin lingering long after the rest has faded, like the Cheshire Cat

She stumbled sideways and the horse ploughed on through a line of snarling wulvers, trampling their shaggy limbs underfoot.

In between them and the city’s open air, the red-haired Raven stood, eyes narrowed and lips drawn in a tight line.

Thank you so much for reading! If you’d like to go check out more #1lineWed tweets, click any of the links above that say #1lineWed and it’ll take you directly to the hashtag!

Like always, I post reviews on Mondays, tags on Tuesdays, my favorite #1lineWed tweets on Wednesdays, sometimes excerpts or short stories on Thursdays, Friday Prompts on Fridays, and Random Ramblings on Sundays. I’ll see you all later but until then, keep writing, loves.


People mentioned and where you can find them: There’s too many people to name, but if you click their names in the tweets above, it’ll take you to their Twitter profile.



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