Fun in the Sun | Seasonal Updates 2016

Hey everyone! This is going to be a quick update because I just wanted to tell you my plans for my blog the next few weeks/ months.

Also, happy Father’s Day! You dads are awesome! 🙂

Before I go on, it’s no secret that things have been pretty quiet on Ecrits du Coeur. I participated in Camp NaNoWriMo in April and that took up most of my extra time. Even then, I didn’t finish my goal of 25K.

I’m thinking of doing some different things on here. It’s no drastic changes but it’s something that I’ve been thinking of for a while and it’s about time I told you about them!

The first change that is going to be happening is what you’re reading right now! I’ll be doing what I call “Seasonal Updates”. It will pretty much be like a what’s-to-come/ things-I’m-going-to-try-to-get-done-in-the-next-few-months. I’ll try to do one of these updates around the solstice/equinox of each season to give both you and me a rough outline of what might happen in the months of each season.

In case you didn’t know what days the solstices and equinoxes are, you can see on this website and type in your city/country or you can just see the approximate day based on what I’m about to show you.

So, we missed the Spring Equinox but that would have been on March 19th. The Summer Solstice is June 20th (but you’re getting this one day before). The Autumn Equinox is September 22. Lastly, the Winter Solstice will be on December 21.

Since I’ll be posting these on an approximate day of the first day of the new season, there shouldn’t be any pressure on making it on time.

The next change is going to be an addition to our weekly schedules! On Thursdays, I’ll be posting chapters of a new story I’m working on! Maybe it’ll be published one day, but for now, I’ll think about just writing it for my blog. On July 7th there will be a post telling about this story in more detail but I figured I’d just give you a heads up!

Other than that, the posts should get more regular again. I’ll post book reviews on Mondays (once I finish a book, of course), do tags on Tuesdays (when I find new tags to do), #1lineWed Favorites on Wednesdays, the new story chapters on Thursdays, Friday Prompts on Fridays (when I can think of a good prompt), and Random Ramblings on Sundays.

It might get a little messed up once July comes around because I WILL be doing Camp NaNoWriMo again (but with a much lower goal so it shouldn’t be too bad). I’ll try my best to keep posts regular for you guys, but if I don’t, please don’t find where I live and hit me with my laptop. I understand I missed the day, but we don’t have to resort to violence! 😛

I think I’ve said all I needed to say! I hope you guys have a happy Summer and I’ll guess I’ll see you later! Keep writing, loves. 🙂


Find my last post here: #1lineWed Favorites- June 15


5 thoughts on “Fun in the Sun | Seasonal Updates 2016

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  2. Good luck with all your goals and best of luck with Camp NaNo in July. I almost considered doing it, but I don’t know what I’ll be doing or where I’ll be next month so I think it’s best I don’t.
    And no pressure with posts. Focus on your writing and we’ll be around to support you as you shine!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! I wasn’t planning on doing it either, but if I don’t do it, I’ll never finish the book I was writing. So, I figured I’d just get it over with. 😛
      😀 Thank you!! You’re too awesome. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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