#1lineWed Favorites: May 18

Happy Wednesday writers!

It’s that time of week again! To be honest, #1lineWed is my favorite day of the week (aside from Saturdays, of course) and it’s even better when I get to make these posts.

The past few Wednesdays have been a bit hectic, but I’m really trying to keep on schedule. I’m back, though, and I’m ready to write!

For those of you that don’t know, #1lineWed is- you guessed it- a hashtag on Twitter where writers from all different stages of their writing come together every week and post a line based on the theme. The theme is usually posted within a week’s time by Kiss of Death on Twitter but I normally retweet it so if you can’t find it, look on either of our feeds.

Today’s theme was Hook (the last of a chapter)

Here are my tweets from today’s theme:

“You better watch your back,” I told him as I went to my own room to think about every life decision I had made up to that point.

If I died right then, I’d be content if only I went out with a fight. If that was true, I’d leave this Earth right now.

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but so far, it hadn’t killed me. I’d find out the truth of that statement soon enough.

He doesn’t try anything and I’m glad he understood that I just want to be friends. Then he kisses me… and all hell breaks loose.

As soon as I looked away from his icy glare, Zachary fell back out of his chair with a light thump and screamed in pain. Oh, shit.

We walked West for most of the time; completely silent and barely aware of each other. Until, Alyssa’s wretched scream broke it.

I grabbed onto Uncle Chris as I cried over the death of my only brother. A piece of my soul disappeared as they took his body.

“It’s been about 10 minutes and you’ll be in a permanent sleep” “NO! You can’t do this!” My eyes shut anyway. “Good night, Ms Fay”

“Determined,” The leader said, eyeing me hungrily. “We don’t get that a lot. Take her to interrogation. She’s too useful to die.”

“You can be free,” he said to the crying baby. “You can be free but never truly free all the same. It always comes at a price.”

The couple raised their guns and pointed them at my head. “Holy shit,” he swore and raised his gun too. My thoughts exactly. Shit.

After a few hours of screaming, I had tired myself out. I felt my eyes drift to sleep and my voice fade into my last scream.


And here are some great tweets that you guys posted! Congratulations if your tweet made it, but if not, don’t fret. Keep writing and hopefully it’ll happen soon! 🙂


“I think,” Marissa said, “this will require tea. Lots and lots of tea.”

She forced her body limp and gave over to the invasion of death. Drowning may have been the easiest thing she’d done all day.

It still has me. It’s still living inside me. And one day soon, it will kill me.

The rear window of the car exploded and glass sprayed the back of his neck like a shower. “God damnit, not again!” He spat.

“If you raise your hand to him again, I give him permission to hack your arm from your torso and beat you to death with it.”

Sleep becomes the enemy when your dreams grow teeth.

Snow was slowly cooling the fresh pool of blood, replacing the carnage, the crime scene, with a white blanket until Spring thaw.

She succumbed to the magic & stepped closer to her destiny. Soon the world would know her name and fear the horror she would bring

“I’d thoroughly enjoy listening to you yell at and threaten me, but you see, I have a dead girl in my trunk.” soon on

She touched where my heart was at and it began a warm sensation like never before. “You are ready. Follow your destiny, Skylar.”

Blood sprayed all over the counter and across the ice cream as the body fell backwards, convulsing in the throws of sudden death.

The blood oath remained unchanged as long as the battle occurred. Clara didn’t argue. She was killing me no matter what.

“What about me? Do I get a job?” “Yes, Beatrice, you have a job.” “Great, what is it?” “You get to go put some pants on.”

Realization struck, sucking the air from her lungs-this was not her blood coating and dripping off shaking hands… It was his.

Life has dealt me a different hand, or perhaps tossed me into a game that doesn’t even have cards.

She tried to scream herself awake but couldn’t. She was suspended in gelatin, looking down on a scene playing out below her

The biggest problem was he seemed to be missing several pieces, and he had a feeling those were very big pieces.

A beautiful & gifted thief slept right in front of him. And he fell for it, like a f**ing anchor

He reached towards her, hands dripping with his own blood. The hot drops melted holes in the snow. He gasped, breath thick. “Run.”

And that’s it! I hope you liked this edition of #1lineWed Favorites and don’t forget to go like and retweet (and even follow) all of the people mentioned above! Also, stay tuned next week for more tweets straight from my blog! 🙂

Like always, I post reviews on Mondays, tags on Tuesdays, my favorite #1lineWed tweets on Wednesdays, sometimes excerpts or short stories on Thursdays, Friday Prompts on Fridays, and Random Ramblings on Sundays. I’ll see you all later but until then, keep writing, loves.



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