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Hello everyone!

You might be confused if you read the title of this. Random Ramblings? What happened to Thoughts on Things? Well, my dear friends, a grand idea came to me the other night (while I was trying to sleep, no less) to change the name from ‘Thoughts on Things’ to ‘Random Ramblings’! It’s going to be the exact same thing just with a different name.

Anyways, to today’s topic.

A few weeks ago my mother brought to my attention that many people don’t have sweet tea sitting in their fridge. The thought literally baffled me and I had to think everything through.

What do you mean ‘not everyone has sweet tea in their fridge?’ And then we got into a discussion of how it was a just a Southern thing.

See, when someone comes to dinner or to a family gathering, you may be asked what you’d like to drink. The options are always water, juice, soda, and tea. No, not like from a tea-pot but like we MADE it in a huge pot and put it in a jug to refrigerate. There’s not a day that I’ve been alive that we didn’t have cold tea in the fridge (except for the time it was my turn to make it and I forgot…)

Then, maybe two weeks ago, I had a discussion in my Camp NaNoWriMo cabin. If you aren’t in my cabin, you wouldn’t know that we have people from all over the world there! (Actually just the states, England, and Scotland) Nevertheless, we started talking about how much our cultures were different.

The fact that we are so different whether we’re talking about politics, the people, or even sweet tea, makes the world so great. (Sure, the world isn’t perfect, but the diversity between us is great.)

The next time you get to talk to someone who lives across the world, take up the chance. You might get to experience making new friends in ways you’ve never imagined. Or you get to learn something new about other’s culture and even your own.

It’s a great world out there so choose to explore it.


I really hope you liked today’s random thoughts! It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve done one of these and it’s kind of strange doing it again.

If you’d like to tell us a little about your cultures or traditions, feel free to do so in the comments! I read and reply to all of them so don’t be shy! 🙂

I post reviews on Mondays, tags on Tuesdays, my favorite #1lineWed tweets on Wednesdays, sometimes excerpts or short stories on Thursdays, currently Camp NaNo updates on Fridays, and Random Ramblings on Sundays. I’ll see you all later but until then, keep writing, loves.


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5 thoughts on “It’s Just a Southern Thing | Random Ramblings

  1. Being British, I practically live off tea (the hot kind). When I first visited Spain (I eventually lived there for 7 years), I asked my boyfriend, “Where’s the kettle?” and he said, “No-one has a kettle here. We have a coffee pot.” And I said, “But how do you boil water for tea if you don’t have a kettle,” and he said, “Dunno. In a pan or in the microwave.” To which I shrieked, “IN THE MICROWAVE?!?!?!?”

    When I moved to Spain, the first thing I did was hunt down a kettle for our kitchen. But I never saw another one in any of the many other houses I visited.

    So I can sympathise with you being surprised about people not having cold tea in the fridge 🙂

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    • I had no idea you were British! Yeah, I don’t know anyone who makes tea in a kettle. To make our cold tea (which starts out hot) we use a small pot. When I make my individual cups of tea, though, I use the microwave…..You’re going to punish me now, right? 😛

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