#1lineWed Favorites- April 13


Happy Wednesday everyone!

I just remembered something. When I was in 7th grade, my health teacher would play us funny commercials and on Wednesdays, she played the Geico commercial. If you don’t know what I’m talking about just watch the video below, because I think it’s hilarious.

Can we make it our goal today to be happier than a camel on Wednesday? I think we can! 🙂

Now, let’s get into the actual post :P.

If you’re new to the #1lineWed community, #1lineWed is- you guessed it- a hashtag on Twitter where writers from all different stages of their writing come together every week and post a line based on the theme. The theme is usually posted within a week’s time by Kiss of Death on Twitter but I normally retweet it so if you can’t find it, look on either of our feeds.

Today’s theme was back.

Here were my tweets from the day:

He started charging at the puddle and as his feet hit in the water with a small splash, his shoes slipped and he fell on his back.

I knew the way from the hospital like the back of my hand. Rather than listen to June whine about her injury, I watch the signs.

If Hollow invades your minds there’s no going back from being a robot. We want figh Hollow once and for all and take back humanity

“You speak zombie?” “Are you serious?” I said back. “Speak it my ass. Learning is harder than stomping through quicksand!”

And here are the tweets from you guys! There were some fantastic lines out there and it was extremely hard to choose. These aren’t in any specific order and there may be repeats, but I try my best to get some sort of variety.

With gold lame bowties & spray-painted metallic rose boutonnieres, they looked more like Elvis’ back-up singers than groomsmen

“If you could go back to the beginning, would you?” “Yep, but only to make you fall in love with me sooner.”

I take a shaking step back. I can almost hear the sands of time trickling from Jace’s heart, his past and future leaking away.

The alley was dark, unlit. The sort of place you’d enter with a knife in your hand and exit with it in your back.

I scrape my heart off the earth, gather its remains into a bloody pile, and press it back into my chest.

“I would sell the moon if it meant getting you back.” She crosses her arms. “You don’t own the moon.” “Hence why I said would.”

“Charli is a boy’s name.” Byron’s smile perked back up at the corner. “I would pay money for you to tell her that to her face.”

The unearthly wails of a dying man brought her back to the land of the living. She would remember those screams forever

He reaches over the table and takes one of my hands. His thumb caresses the back of it, and my entire body awakens at his touch.

Exasperation on a 3yo was comical. He’d studied the back of her head as she chattered away, her dark curls in short bunches.

He got back up and charged at me, latching onto my leg and trying to tear into my clothes and skin with his fingers.

He was tall and muscular, but his dark hair was slicked back so much it looked like it had been glued to his head.

I pull in a deep breath of briny air as chill waves lick at my toes. I made it back. For a time I wondered if I ever would. Home.

She looks up to the stars
Wishes they could go
Back to where it began
Before they marched
Into the quagmire
Of congealing blood

“I love you.” I smiled at Persephone. “And you’re the first person that ever loved me back.

Those horrible memories came back last. She braced herself and prayed to The Mountain they would not return too soon.

“Hmm, where should I start? Looks like some good meat on the back, maybe if I roast that-” “Please-” “Quiet. Food doesn’t talk.”

There were many back home who would lay down their lives to protect her. Most of them were probably dead

“Sometimes I think back to when being together was the only thing that mattered to us.” He frowns: “It doesn’t matter to us now?”

“Go ahead, make that face! Throw me out! I’m coming right back in there with my flying monkey and he’s going to shit all over you.”

The void touched his heart, and he became a shadow whose only option was to claw his way back to the land of light and color.

She told the simplest of jokes, but it made the Devil smile against his will. He had no choice but to hand back her soul intact.

She considered how he kept his dirty blond hair neat, pulled back with a leather tie.

As I rub my eyes with the back of my hand, I can’t help thinking about how something so beautiful could be so destructive.

Remember, I DO take recommendations. If you read a tweet that you just LOVED and you want more people to read it, @ me and I’ll consider putting it on my blog! Or maybe you spent a lot of time on your 1 liner and would like more support? You can do the same thing so I can see it!:)

I post reviews on Mondays, tags on Tuesdays, my favorite #1lineWed tweets on Wednesdays, sometimes excerpts or short stories on Thursdays, currently Camp NaNo updates on Fridays, and Thoughts on Things on Sundays. I’ll see you all later but until then, keep writing, loves.

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