#1lineWed Favorites- April 6


Hey everyone!

It seems like such a long time since I’ve posted one of these and frankly, I can’t remember the last time I did! Nevertheless, you’re getting one today! 🙂

If you’re new to the #1lineWed community, #1lineWed is- you guessed it- a hashtag on Twitter where writers from all different stages of their writing come together every week and post a line based on the theme. The theme is usually posted within a week’s time by Kiss of Death on Twitter but I normally retweet it so if you can’t find it, look on either of our feeds. 🙂

Today’s theme was up.

Here are all of my tweets for the day:

I looked to Amulet hoping that she’d help me with the project, but she had already paired up with a tall blue girl with scales.
“Can you see through my glamour?” He whispered, backing up like I was some kind of monster when, obviously, HE was the monster.
“Don’t tell anyone.”“No problem.” “Just act like we cleared it up and you took your crazy medication?” “Fine.” I was NOT crazy
She had a wrangled up face that reminded him of a raisin and a pale complexion that was as frightening as the ghost he saw on TV.
Her strangely long fingers, in the same warped up position as her face, housed sharp nails at the tip. They were a gross yellow.
“Will you pick flowers you like?” “I don’t like flowers,” he puffed up his chest to show his masculinity. “You’re so full of it.”
She picked up the syringe and refilled it. “If you touch it again, I’ll strap you down and shove it in your arm. Are we clear?”
“Robots can’t cry. That must mean you really aren’t a robot. Could you turn around and lift up your shirt?” “No, you pervert!”
“I just want to see if you have a panel. All robots have one.” I hesitated, but lifted my shirt up. I felt kind of violated.
“This is your last chance to give up your weapons before I take them and lock you in jail.” “You wouldn’t lock me up!” So I ran.
And now, to the tweets from you guys! These aren’t in any specific order and there may be repeats, but I try my best to get some sort of variety. 🙂
Marissa picked up the tea cup, took an exploratory sip and wrinkled her nose. It had gone cold. As cold as the ashes of memory.
She ripped up the faded photograph along with the remaining love she’d felt for him, leaving behind torn bits of paper and heart.
Fergus:Just because I want you to do something sober- Declan:Cutting up a body is the last thing I want to do sober.
He gave me a judgmental look, I rolled my eyes and picked up my binoculars again. “Its not stalking, its just surveillance okay?”
I love the way numbers add up in perfect order. 5+5 is always 10. I think Meg’d be happier if 5+5 sometimes equaled 12. Or purple.
“You should give up.” “Give up what? My virginity? My dignity? My soul?” “Wait…you’re still a virgin?” “That’s your takeaway?”
The night, the water, they want to take me. They want to swallow me up until I’m nothing more than a sigh, a forgotten secret.
“You know there are stars up there.” “But it’s daytime.” “But they’re still there, just sitting and waiting to come out.”
“You would be the queen of my trailer park,” I said, sitting up and turning around to face her.  
As I stared up at the starless sky the silence stung, the empty graveyard feeling too full of things that could never be
He pulled me up into his arms and I rest my head on his chest. Listening to his heartbeat for what seemed like an eternity.
All I had left was a brother who got paid to get locked up with murderers and thugs and risk his life in a thousand other ways.
He looked up at me and smiled. He was missing three front teeth. The rest were rotting.
He sticks up for you even when you don’t deserve it. There aren’t many guys who will have your back like that.
“I’m not made out of wood. That’s dumb.” “What?” the rat put her ears up, “Of course you are!”
“Tori stared up at the dark-haired prince, his eyes half hidden behind a mask of candied plums and strawberries.”
You were a broken sparrow cradled in my arms. But you won! Your spirit now carries you up to soar in clouds on wings of a falcon
Her family had dressed her up like a doll, like some ghost of the girl she used to be, instead of who she was.
“Put me down!” Vivian shouted. She refused to be locked up in that carriage and carted about as if she was some monster.
They looked him over with hungry expressions vaguely reminiscent of Jed’s interest. Thatch returned their gaze,sizing them each up.
“I shook my head. ‘I told you, I didn’t do that,’ my hands came up to point at the picture, handcuffs jangling.
Did you find her! Shall I call the police? Sod the cops, get the army! My god what happened? She’s all torn up! No man did that!

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Just like I said last time, I DO take recommendations. If you read a tweet that you just LOVED and you want more people to read it, @ me and I’ll consider putting it on my blog! Or maybe you spent a lot of time on your 1 liner and would like more support? You can do the same thing so I can see it! 🙂
Make sure to come back next week to see even more awesome lines from authors out there. I’ll see y’all later, but until then, keep writing, loves. 🙂
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