Sixty Second Story | Tag Tuesday

Tag Tuesday

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday!

First, I want to say sorry for not being so active on here but I have a lot going on with editing and Camp NaNo as well as living. I can’t promise you when things will start getting regular again, but I hope it’s soon.

Second, I have a tag for you today! I was tagged by Pete at the beginning of March but I never got around to doing it until now. In this challenge, I’m supposed to write a story in sixty second that starts with the line he gave me and ends with a separate line. The lines were:

Open with: I woke up in the zoo
Close with: And the baby boy was born

This is going to get interesting so hold onto your hats, ladies and gents.

I woke up in the zoo. My pajamas were soaked and I wasn’t sure why, but I knew that it was very steamy in my room. Except it wasn’t my room. I looked around and saw that I was no stationed in a cage with a bear breathing over my face. He had smelly breath.

I screamed and sprung up, tripping over my pajama bottoms and falling face first onto another bear, this one with a permanent look of pain.

She started growling in agony and I found that she was pregnant. Her cub’s head just poked out as she let out one last howl.

And the baby boy was born.


Okay, I apologize for that extremely weird story. I have no idea what was happening in it, but I just went along with whatever was coming to my head.

I have to admit, I went a few seconds over the sixty second mark because I had to write the very last line, but I’m still going to count it and no, Pete, that does not count as cheating!

Thanks again for the tag, Pete! If anyone else wants to do this tag, go on ahead! It’s a lot of fun and really wacky. If you’d like to do it, just use the same lines Pete gave me because I’m too lazy to come up with new ones. 😛

I’ll see you all again later so look out for more posts! Keep writing, loves.



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