#1lineWed Favorites: Mar. 23


Happy Wednesday everyone and welcome to another addition of #1lineWed favorites where I go through thousands of tweets every week to find the funniest, deepest, or well-written lines out there.

#1lineWed is a hashtag on Twitter where writers from all over the world at different points in their WIPs come together and post their lines based on the theme. It was recently made clear that ‘one line’ was whatever fit into one tweet and not just one sentence.

This weeks theme was lines from pages 23, 123, or 223. It was a little different than most of our themes but it was an easy one so let’s get on with the tweets! 🙂

My tweets for the day were as follows:

“She won’t be leader,” Stone growled. “Only men can be leaders.” “That’s not fair. If I can to fight robots, I can be a leader.”

“What’s so funny?” “I was just thinking about a, um, funny cat video. Yeah, one I saw one time. It was funny.” “I don’t care.”

I stepped on something sharp and looked down to see the firefly smashed under all the glass of it’s shattered jar. Ryan did this.

Next up are tweets from you guys! The same thing applies every week but I keep having to repeat it so here we go: these aren’t in any specific order- I just go through and retweet them then go to my own screen and copy the tweets here from the order I retweeted. Also, I try to get different people up here every week but I’m only human and there are only so many people who participate. Therefore, some might get in two weeks in a row and some might get in once and not again for a couple of weeks- it’s just the way it has to be.

Enough with my babbling, let’s see those wonderful lines:

The sky became my anchor, my feet rooted in the clouds. Having my world turned upside down was kind of exhilarating.

If an Olivia dies of boredom in the middle of her living room and no one’s around to see it, does anyone in the world give a damn? 

She roams the parking lot with her head down, counting the chewing gum fossils spread out like tiny continents on an asphalt sea.

Tho they normally enjoyed hearing Clarise play, tonight’s entertainment had been nothing short of torture by stringed instrument

I shivered as I looked out into the darkness. I had superhuman strength and yet was afraid of the dark.

Would they ever go away? She wished she could turn her ears off. Maybe Van Gogh wasn’t crazy. Maybe his family was just too loud.

‘You know what her problem is? She thinks she’s perfect. And how can you change if you think you’re perfect?’

I turned, slipping on blood. I’d forgotten Salvatore’s words. Though I could be forgiven, given the mass murder I’d witnessed.

“It’s my duty to capture intruders!” Valerian snapped. “And it’s my duty to call you an idiot when you get it wrong.”

Only fools spend time in space and when fools congregate, bad things happen and when bad things happen in space, everybody dies.

His voice faltered and I realized that blinding, beautiful smile of his was only a mask. Smoke and mirrors. Scar tissue.

It was fragile yet strong, like nothing I’d ever seen. Her smile reminded me of a starfish.

“Why doesn’t anyone believe me?” “Because we’ve all known you for too long.” “Bunch of untrusting asses.”

My eye burned as he fitted the icepick in place and raised the hammer to drive the sharp steel instrument up into my skull.

A sword was buried deep in his gut, almost up to the hilt, and blood leaked slowly from his mouth.

“Don’t say anything stupid.” “When have I ever said anything stupid?” “Every time you open your mouth.”

“Jaq…you’ve got me. I won’t let Puck take anyone else. I promise.” “Don’t make promises you can’t keep, Dox.” pg 123

He glanced down at the outfit he was wearing, the same tattered clothes he had worn to his death.

Her voice was calm and silky, if woven intricately and thrown over his skin. He was transfixed with her lips and how she bit them.

Before we go, I want to make a few points clear. If you want your line featured, it’s much easier for me to find it if you tag me in it or tweet me saying you have a line you’d like me to consider (keep in mind that I won’t add you automatically if you send it to me.)

Second, I do take suggestions and pay attention to the tweets that most of you liked and retweeted. If you think someone’s line is great, tag me in it and I can consider it!

Lastly, I’m so sorry if your tweet was posted later than when I put this up but if I waited for everyone in different time-zones to be through with #1lineWed, it’d be Thursday and then what’s the point?

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this post and all the tweets encompassed in it. 🙂 There are so many more tweets out there that I haven’t added so I advise you to go check them out and give all of these fabulous writers a follow.

I’ll see you all next time with another post. Until then, keep writing, loves. 🙂


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