#1lineWed Favorites: Mar. 9

If you were wondering why that was in all caps was because I’m really excited to share some lines with you today!
Today’s theme was smile.

And here were my tweets for the day:

“I love you, honey. Oh, and remember to smile at our guests,” she said and flashed her fangs as she left.

Someone touched my arm and I turned to find Lucas who was smiling slyly. I could smell the mint on his breath as he kissed me.

Alistair turned and smiled but that was before he realized the pencil that was jabbed into my arm and the blood on my clothes.

And like always, here are some from other writers:

His mischievous grin vanished as he looked her up & down, replaced by a slow, dangerous smile that set Mara’s blood thudding.

“I like your necklace.” I nod at her pearls. “Thanks!” she says. “They’re the teeth of the last man who told me to smile.”

“Whoa, feel that?” Carter grinned, arms outstretched. “This must be what it feels like just before you get struck by lightning.”

I know I’m never going to see them again. I take that love, that last smile, that hug goodbye, and press it into my heart.

Clarise smiled up at him from under lowered lashes, with the look of a bird which had just stalked and cornered its first cat.

“I demand satisfaction,” Vance said, still smiling cruelly. Alyn pulled off his glove and slapped Vance across the face with it.

Great Aunt Tilly was the only one who ingested the leaden cookies each year—possibly why her smile resembled that of an NHL player

“Try not to smile, child. It will give you away. Better you pretend to be one of them.”

Lizzie flashed a wicked little smile, then vanished back into the misty fog that shrouded the dark city streets.

Baba Yaga clapped her liver spotted hands twice, making a sound like thunder – an evil grin unzipping slowly across her face

The sound of water running drifted out from under the bathroom door and she smiled lazily.

A note was all that was left. Reading it, tears formed and ran down his cheeks, his lips twisting into a smile. She had survived.

A grin spread across her own face and she ran to him, wrapping her arms around his neck and resting her cheek against his chest.

She stood on her toes and kissed my cheek. “But don’t let that make you think I like you,” she added with a smile, and walked away

“Why do you play music so loud?” She asked. He turned and smiled “it helps drown out the voices in my head telling me to kill.”

My mom might look like a cookie baking cupid, but she could disembowel someone with a smile. I aspired to be that scary one day.

He stared up at the deputy with a murderous expression, then forced himself to smile. He began to plan a different kind of fun.

It was his smile, his laugh, his everything. The thought struck him like a lightning bolt. Holy shit, I’m gay only for him.

“How come you smile at HIS terrible jokes, and not MY terrible jokes?” “Well… I don’t have to sleep with HIM.”

“Oops.” The Rainbow King said with a grin. “You really shouldn’t make an enemy of someone who has wasps as pets.”

His genuine affection easily spotted despite his best efforts, his tell wasn’t his lips but the soft smile that reached his eyes.

He was far too handsome to be an insurance man. He flashed her an oily smile. Oh. Now THAT was like a salesman.

I’m really glad that you stopped by whether you were featured or you just really like my blog (the odds of the latter happening are extra slim). If you’ve stopped by and aren’t following my blog, hi, I’m Jasmine- it’s nice meeting you. I hope you like what you see!

That’s it for this week and don’t forget to come back next Wednesday for more! Until then, keep writing, loves.

12 thoughts on “#1lineWed Favorites: Mar. 9

    • I thought so too! It hasn’t been done before (or if it has, I’m not aware of it and no one ever corrects me :P) so I figured it’d be fun. It’s also really nice to see everyone get excited after their lines are featured.
      If you ever get back to it, tag me in the tweet or tweet me so that I can read it and maybe get it posted on my blog! 🙂

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