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Hello, everyone.

Today I’m taking my random thoughts to prologues. I, personally, love prologues. I read them every time and write them for my own books. My sister hates them. Actually, she thought that prologues were just acknowledgments and never once read them…

I didn’t know that people are opposed to prologues until I saw Jenna Moreci’s YouTube video about them. (If you’re not already, you should be watching Jenna. She’s an author making YouTube videos about writing and she has AMAZING tips on the subject of writing and books).

I write prologues when they’re needed. If a book needs more insight into the story and it can’t be revealed in the book or the reader has to know beforehand, go ahead and add a prologue. Don’t force it because prologues aren’t a big deal. Having one and not having one doesn’t define if you’re a good writer or not- it’s simply the story.

If you DO need a prologue in your book, DON’T OVERDUE IT. I’ve read plenty of prologues that-first of all, don’t even belong- give too much information. Give just enough for the reader to understand, but don’t just plain out tell it.

Then, there are those prologues where they don’t give any extra detail. That prologue would be great if you did it right.

I’m not trying to nit-pick anyone’s writing or tell you it’s wrong (because who wants to take advice from a fifteen year old?). If you want to know more about prologues, you can click here an it leads to Jenna’s video (the top link is to Jenna’s YouTube channel and this one is for the specific video).

Here’s our random question:

What are your views on Ed Sheeran? I love him. It’s rare for me to like every song from a certain singer/band/etc. but I LOVE ED. It also helps that he reminds me of Rupert Grint who I’ve had a crush on since the Harry Potter days. I can’t pick my favorite song from him because they’re all worth listening to, but I absolutely adore Small Bump. It’s not as popular, but it’s so meaningful. Maybe I’ll do a short story based on the song in the future…

I really hope you enjoyed this and most likely learned something! Thanks for reading and I’ll see you all later. Keep writing, loves.


2 thoughts on “Prologues | Thoughts on Things

  1. I’m ambivalent when it comes to writing prologues. A good story tells itself with or without one. It doesn’t bother me either way.
    Thanks for sharing your opinion. It’s an interesting debate to say the least.
    I love Ed Sheeran a little too much I think! I got his album for a gift a few years back now & it’s one of my absolute favourites 🙂 Small Bump is a beautiful song, definitely inspiration worthy for a story. I can’t get over I See Fire (LOTR/Hobbit related things always get to me) & Photograph at the moment. Tenerife Sea has also been on repeat lately.
    Thanks for a great post ❤

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    • It’s a debate that I don’t hear about much but when I do, it’s a big deal because people are firm believers of their opinions.
      I love those songs too! Ed has a very beautiful and I think all of his songs hit in a way not many songs can.
      Thank you for reading and commenting! 🙂


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