A Ghostly Embrace Excerpt

Hello everyone!

It’s Thursday and I don’t have a short story to share so I looked through all of my novels trying to find an excerpt and found out that I have given you every scene of my writing that doesn’t have spoilers or you wouldn’t understand it…

I did, however revisit my old novel! If you didn’t know (but really, I talk about it all the time, so how could you not?) I started writing a book when I was ten and finished it when I was thirteen which was only a few years ago. This was going to be the book that was going to be published- I had a publisher and everything. It started with A Ghostly Kiss and it was going to continue to A Ghostly Embrace and end with A Ghostly Caress. I wrote AGK and got so excited for the next book that I started working on AGE right away. That was before I realized that I would have to spend YEARS of work just editing the first book so I stopped writing it. AGE has 18,000 words, though, and I feel like my writing is pretty good. I figured I share a little snippet from AGE.

Before you read, you need to know a few things. The main character is Karen and she’s been captured by demon figures along with her more-than-a-friend-but-not-her-fiance Rav. They’re both ghosts but they are an elite type of ghost that can make themselves look human and can read each other’s minds (there’s more but I’m not getting into it anymore).

CHAPTER 11 of A Ghostly Embrace:

I opened my eyes and started to panic. As I moved my body to try to get out of whatever trap I was in, chains jingled. I looked down at my body and I was strapped to a rock hard mattress by chains. They were so tight against me and when I tried to get myself free, it made red marks on my skin.

I couldn’t remember much from before except that I was tased. And shot. I figured that by the burning throb from the middle of my right thigh. I stopped resisting the chains and tried to remain perfectly still so that the pain in my thigh would diminish even a little bit before I passed out.

I looked around me and saw that Rav was chained just like I was a few inches away from me. His neck was bent in a weird position and I was sure he was going to hurt when he woke up, but it was not the time to worry about that. I had to find out a way to get both of us out of here and back to the academy. I held my breath and tried to listen to his just to make sure he actually was alive. I let out my breath when I heard his soft sigh.

The chains were rusty and they looked old, so I tried to jerk my body and maybe break them, but one of the chains were wrapped around expertly on my bullet wound and a had to bite my lip to keep from screaming.

A few inches on my other side was another person who was unconscious as well as next to him and two people away. I then noticed that there were rows and rows of people chained to beds. Some were awake and trying to get away, but most looked like they were dead.

I heard voices and footsteps echoing off of the damp walls. I held my breath again so that I could listen. “…the academy,” someone said to someone else.

“Two of ‘em. Row G; numbers eleven and twelve,” Someone else said. They were quiet for a second, even the footsteps. Then, someone spoke again from a few feet away from me. “What are they?”

“They looked like humans to us, boss.”

“Why would humans be at the academy, nitwits?”

“I don’t know. They just looked human.”

“Keep checking on them and I want them locked up on the ground for questioning.” And then, the footsteps disappeared.

I took a risk and strained my neck up to make sure they actually were gone. They weren’t.


Thank you for reading! If you liked this, I’d be more than happy to share more with you all. 🙂 I’ll see you all later! Keep writing, loves.


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