#1lineWed Favorites- Mar. 2


Hello writers!

Welcome back to another edition of #1lineWed favorites! This week we’re talking about needs!

If you don’t know what #1lineWed is, it’s a hashtag on Twitter where writers all over the world in different stages of their WIP post lines based on the theme given by Kiss of Death on Twitter. You can find the hashtag by searching it in Twitter or by clicking any of the words down below that’s embedded with the link to the hashtag. If you’d like to join, then come on ahead! There’s no signup or qualifications needed to show the world what you’re made of!

If you didn’t get it the first time, today’s theme is need.

I was busy last week and didn’t have any lines and I promised people I’d do it, so here are some of mine:

“There are things you can’t learn from the internet, Crimson. You can’t live like this- you need to socialize with teenagers.”

Everyone forced in Mundi deserved better than working jobs based on social class- not to mention they needed real air and sunlight

I shoved more scalpels in my pocket in case I needed them. When the time came to stab a doctor with a medical tool, I’d be ready.

“What’re you doing?” I backed away from the screwdriver “It’s the time of year to tighten your screws, Victoria,” Mom chuckled.

“Your witch roommate wouldn’t let me in without a code so I broke the door. They really need to get stronger locks,” Alyssa said.

The need to take over the world was so overpowering that she couldn’t even think about her English assignment.


And here are some from excellent writers! I’m trying to get some variety and you might not get in all the time, but keep writing because one day, you might be featured!

I needed to give up my dreams. I must force myself to relax and embrace the lifestyle of the middle-aged lady cat hoarder.

“That means he has more than three soldiers. Why does he need an army?” It was a question Treve never asked himself.

“I don’t need a bucket list; I’m not going to die.” She glances at me. “You might want one, though.”

“I need a cigarette.” “But you don’t smoke.” “After what just happened, I am now. Call me a born-again smoker & hand me a pack.”

My hands are still red. I’ve scrubbed them many times but I can still see. I need to do it again. I’ll never be clean.

“I wasn’t anticipating being tied up so-” “That’s the point! No one *anticipates* needing a knife. But then wham! Tied to the bed.”

He grew from a toddler soothed by routine and structure into a teenager with an insatiable need to know how things worked and why

Positive emotions fade away like ashes in the wind. They need harvesting quickly or they become diluted and worthless.

The exhalation after her first deep drag was a slow sigh, the relief of an addict getting a much-needed hit.

He tentatively sat down across from me,eyeing his steak warily”its not poisoned right?” I smirked,”oh I thought about it,but no”

I shake my head, unable to find words. But he doesn’t need any. He only turns his face and puckers his lips against my cheek.

“If it isn’t young Kirrolivitch!” The Rainbow King chuckled. “A pleasure.” Kazamir raised his machete. “Not for you.”

It was now a passion, a need to kill people. My grandmother had taught me the skill but I had perfected it to an art.

“Kinky,” he said as his girlfriend tied him to the bed. Through her tears she said “it’s the only way to stop you killing again.”

‘I need to know more about the acting profession.’ ‘Easy, you just pretend to be something you’re not.’ ‘Oh, like a jar!’ ‘No..’

I didn’t need to check; I knew they were dead. Nothing smouldered that much without screaming if it was alive.

“I’m proud of who you are.” “I don’t need compliments. I need answers.”

Kelsey: I NEED my phone! Laurie:Not while you change your clothes. Kelsey:Oh, my GOD! It’s like we’re in a police state!

Thank you so much for reading, you guys! I hope you all had as much fun as I did on this fantastic #1lineWed and I’ll see you all later. Keep writing, loves.



23 thoughts on “#1lineWed Favorites- Mar. 2

    • Believe me, I barely skimmed the top of the #1lineWed barrel. There are just so many people participating every week that it’s impossible to get everyone!
      And you’re welcome! Thanks for sharing your lines. 🙂

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    • Thanks! I do like doing this every week because it gives people a chance to be recognized. If you ever want to borrow the idea, go on ahead (it wouldn’t be the first time someone asked ;P)
      Thanks for reading!


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