The Author’s Oracle Pt. 1 | Tag Tuesday

Tag Tuesday

Hey everyone!

I was tagged by Holly to do this tag and it looks like so much fun! Like I told Holly before, my family doesn’t really do spiritual or ritual things so I don’t and never have owned any kind of tarot cards. I do like to read about them and I actually write books about psychics/ warlocks who use that kind of stuff.

If I’m not mistaken, these questions were made by Angela. Both Angela and Holly are so wonderful and you should go stalk them. Like on the internet not figuring out where they live and following them around the grocery store. I’ve learned from personal experience that this is not okay…JK! Or am I? Holly, I bet you didn’t know I was following your car for an hour straight did ‘ya? Didn’t think so. 😛

I’m not sure if this is what I’m supposed to be doing but I’ll be answering Angela’s questions today and then next Tuesday will be part two where I answer the questions that Holly created from her own deck.

For this portion of the tag, I’ll be using my New Adult novel that is in the process of being outlined right now. I feel like the characters would be good for these questions and I haven’t really talked about them. So, the main character is Vanessa but everyone calls her Vani for short. In the beginning, she’s at home with her brother, sister, and parents when their house gets broken into and the intruders kill Vani’s parents. They attempt to take Rosaline and Max (the brother and sister) but they run to the neighbor’s house. Vani is taken by one of the male intruders and is raped and abused for years on end, resulting in her having a child in the first year of her being there. The story takes place five years later and Vani is trying to find her brother and sister (which is not easy) as well as cope with the fact that she wasn’t there for them.

I don’t really have anything left to say, so I’m just going to get into the questions!

0. The Fool: Which of your characters is the most intuitive?  The worst decision-maker?

I’m going to say that Vani from my NA novel is the most intuitive. She’s on a journey to find her brother and sister after years of getting raped and abused and follows her gut which is most of the time right. I think the person with the worst decisions is Adrian from the same book who likes to live in the moment and doesn’t worry about what is GOING to happen.

I. The Magician: What character, location, or object has the most positive influence in your story?

I think that Benjamin, Vani’s son, has the most positive influence in the story. Despite the fact that he’s almost five, Benjamin is always making Vani happier and when she’s just about ready to give up, he’s there to give a child pep-talk. 🙂

II . The High Priestess:  Do any of your characters have very strong beliefs?

Is this a question about any kind of belief or like a religious belief? Like I said before, I try to avoid religion and politics in my writing unless it’s completely necessary to the plot, so there’s no characters with strong beliefs about that. If it’s just any kind of belief, Rosaline and Max don’t believe Vani is alive. They don’t think that she’s coming for them.

III.  The Empress:  Who is your biggest supporter?  Give them a little love, here.

I think my biggest supporter is my family. Just everyone in my family really. Both my moms, both my dads, all my grandparents, my great-grandparents. We’re just a really supportive family. 🙂

And how could I forget all of you guys? Just by you reading my blog or following my tweets, you’re making me that much stronger to keep going with the writing process. 🙂

IV.  The Emperor:  Do you outline or plan?  (You know … plotter or pantser…)

This is a complicated question that all writers get asked a lot and you would think I’d have a solid answer, but no. If the story NEEDS an outline, I’m a planner. If it’s more easy-going or I can imagine everything in my head, I pants it. That said, when I outline, I full out outline. I know every conversation that’s going to happen at the exact moment in the story and map it all out as well as the setting even if it’s not important, the characters’ birthdays, family trees. This story- there’s no title yet- I’ve half outlined it. I kind of know what’s going to happen, but it’s not how I usually do it.

V.  The Hierophant:  What do you feel is your most valuable piece of writing advice?

Just do it. This can go many different ways:

“Should I start writing?” Just do it.

“I’m thinking of writing a different genre.” Just do it.

“I don’t think I want to write today.” Just do it.

“I’m thinking about publishing really soon.” Just do it.

VI.  The Lovers:  Which of your characters follow their heart?  Is it for the right reasons?

Vani ALWAYS follows her heart and it’s usually for the right reason. She feels in her gut that it won’t work out sometimes, but she always finds a way against it and in the end, she makes the right choice.

VII.  The Chariot:  Tell us about the first “darling” you ever “killed”.

I actually had to look this up to find the actual definition because I’ve heard it used multiple ways. It seems like some people talk about the character darlings that you have to kill off, character darlings that need to be taken out completely, and writing darlings that need to be cut. This makes it much more confusing for me, but I’ll just go with character darlings that I have to kill off. The first character that I ever killed off was in A Ghostly Kiss and *SPOILER ALERT* it was the main character’s older brother, Jack. I LIKED the idea and the feel of killing people off (you might say that that’s my strongest point in writing- the leading up to and drama of killing someone off) so you can expect at least one person to die in each of my books.

VIII.  Strength:   What do you feel your greatest creative strength is?

Didn’t I just answer this in the last one? Killing people is my strongest point. I really don’t know why, but I’m really good at creating the tension and having the characters FEEL something deeper than the surface. In my opinion, there’s nothing that hurts worse when someone you love dies.

IX.  The Hermit:  Can you write in coffee shops or other busy places, or do you need quiet?

I can write anywhere but it won’ be good writing. It might be that I can feel people staring at me and I have this fear that someone can read my mind somewhere. I’m not even kidding around, you guys, this is probably my biggest fear, considering the things that go through my head. I don’t need quiet (I like to write with music screaming in my ears- I’ve been a big fan of Motionless in White when I write lately. You should check them out.) but I can’t have people around me.

X.  The Wheel of Fortune:  Do you have a set routine or schedule?

NOPE. I HATE schedules. I refuse to follow them and I hate making them. That’s why most of the time, I go off schedule with my blog posts. I write when I want to write and what I want to write at any time of day.

XI.  Justice:  What’s the biggest consequence that your main character will have to face?  (If it spoils the plot, feel free to be vague.)

The biggest consequence WOULD spoil the plot but I’m just going to tell you that it takes place in the end and the character beats herself up every day afterwards because of it.

XII.  The Hanged Man:  What sacrifices do you make for writing time?  Or, what must your main character be willing to choose between?

I’m not really sure about the second one, but I don’t sacrifice much for writing time. I don’t write on a schedule and if I don’t have the time open for writing, I don’t do it.

XIII.  Death:  What do you do after you’ve finished a project?

Celebrate. Call my grandma (who we call Grandma D-Z because she’s a pretty awesome grandma. She actually wanted that to be her name because she wanted to be like Jay-Z :P). Write more. Tweets about it. Make more tea.

XIV. Temperance:  Please share your best tested & proven tip for balancing writing and “the rest”:

The same advice I gave earlier. JUST DO IT. Do what you gotta do and then when you find the time to write, do that as well. Don’t stress yourself out over it, though.

XV.  The Devil:  Everyone has a nasty habit they can’t shake.  What’s your main character’s?

She likes to think everything is her fault. Her parents died because she didn’t lock the back door, her brother and sister are out there somewhere because she didn’t fight back, they might be dead because she hadn’t gone sooner. There’s also the part that I mentioned above that would spoil the plot, but she also thinks it’s all her fault.

XVI.  The Tower:  Have you ever had to scrap an entire project and start over?  How did it feel?  Were you frustrated, sad … relieved?

No, but I have to. A Ghostly Kiss was written HORRIBLY. The writing sucks, there’s tons of plot-holes, the setting makes no sense, and it would take years to fix this. I’m in the process of re-writing the whole thing, but I’ve only gotten into the first few chapters before I gave up and continued another project. I’ll get to it eventually, but not right now. As for how I feel, I felt extremely angry. I wanted to punch a wall or something, but I refrained myself and instead cried

XVII.  The Star:  What is your favorite part of starting a new project?  New notebook smell?  Getting to know the characters? Building the plot?

Making character names. I have a notebook and it’s filled with names that I like, the meaning, the origin, alternate spellings, and I love creating an identity for the character. Once you have a name you really like, the character is officially born. 🙂

XVIII.   The Moon:  What’s the biggest lie that your main character is telling themselves?

This is a really hard one. I think I’m just going to go with the fact that Vani thinks everything is her fault- which it’s not. She didn’t do any of it and she still thinks it was her that made everyone die and break apart.

XIX.  The Sun:  Do you have any themes, symbols or objects which come full circle in your work?

Not really. Other than the plot that constantly circles around and throws itself at the characters, there’s not really a certain thing.

XX.  Judgement: Do your characters get what they deserve?  Why or why not?

Absolutely not. Vani didn’t deserve to watch her parents die and have a child as a teenager. Rosaline and Max didn’t deserve to almost get kidnapped and have to go through foster homes after seeing their sister get taken away and their parents die. The parents didn’t deserve to get murdered.

XXI.   The World: At what point did you know that you had to write this project?

I had a dream that I was in the role of Vani and my parents were getting murdered and my brother and sister had to run from the intruders. It was one of those dreams that you can’t stop thinking about no matter how hard you try not to and I thought of different cenarios that could have happened. Then, I got a book idea and I wrote it down later that day! 🙂


Today, I’m tagging a few people to do this, but if you’re not listed and still want to do it, feel free to!








Thank you so much for reading and I really hope you enjoyed this. I’ll see you all later with more posts! Keep writing, loves.

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4 thoughts on “The Author’s Oracle Pt. 1 | Tag Tuesday

  1. Thanks for the tag Jasmine! I loved reading this post. It was great finding out so much more about you and your writing 🙂 I kill too many characters. Apparently,this is a problem. My sister doesn’t like me when I do it too often. Glad to know I’m not the only one who enjoys it! Vani sounds like fascinating character. I’d love to learn more about her too! Keep chasing those writing dreams of yours 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re welcome! I can’t wait to see what you have to say!
      I kill WAY too many but luckily, no one has ever read my full book so no ones mad. 😛 You definitely aren’t the only one!
      She’s really interesting and I’m still trying to get a feel for her but so far, I’m excited to write in her point of view.
      Thank you! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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