#1lineWed (On a Thursday!) Favorites: Feb. 24

Happy Thursday everyone!

You may be wondering ‘Jasmine, why are you posting this on a Thursday? You’re usually so on your game.’ To which I would answer ‘Get off my back! I have a lot going on!’ Which is half true.

Yesterday (as some of you may know by now) I met with Rachel Hawkins and V.E. (or sometimes Victoria) Schwab and we did an interview. You can find that interview here if you’d like. 🙂 This means, I was busy all day preparing (because I’m a procrastinator) and didn’t get to participate in #1lineWed or pick some for my blog. Don’t worry, though! I’m doing it now!

Yesterday’s theme was: Nicknames

I don’t have any of my own #1lineWed tweets, so we’re going straight into your tweets!

“Geraldine Francis Bealle is the name carved on my headstone, but my friends call me Gerri.”

I love running. I thought Ms. Miller knew that, and she was just being nice.” “Nice? ‘Miller the Killer?’”

“Remi!” Johnny was the only one who could get away with calling him that. “What, no damsel in distress to see you off?”

Chameleon pressed her lips together. She couldn’t completely hide her smile. “Why do you think we’ve been calling you Captain?”

“My name’s Exxel, but you can call me Exxon, cause I’m about to add some fuel to this fire!”

Some call him The Great Thief, others The Murderous Cheat. Demon is the most popular these days but up close Death isn’t so scary.

“Ostrich, stop making excuses for Jenny.” Brian’s eyes narrowed. “Don’t call me Ostrich.” “Then pull your head out of the sand.”

“It was Snappy. Now it’s Mister Sparkles.” “You changed his name?” “He’s a turtle. It’s not like he knows what his name is.”

“And you are?” “Everyone calls me Darcy. Which is confusing, because my real name is Mary Anne.”

“I think the meaning of your name is up for interpretation.” “Oh?” “Yeah. For you,wise probably refers to wise ass, Ms. Sarcasm.”

“Lance,” a voice sputters through the walkie talkie. “It’s Cheddar!” “We disarmed everything. We can lay off the nicknames.”

“I don’t care what you call me as long as ‘my’ is in front of it. My love. My nuisance. Because for better or worse, I’m yours.”

3 weeks in hospital gave Jim enough time to realise that calling the head of a criminal gang ‘fluffywuffy bunnykins’ was a mistake

“Listen to me, you Barbie princess whore.”

“Glad you joined us, Jenny,” Val piped cheerfully. “It’s Jenna,” I snapped, taking a prompt bite of toast.

Thank you so much for reading, everyone! I’m so sorry I had to miss this #1lineWed, but I’m so glad that you all seemed to have fun! Go follow all of these writers for more #1lineWed tweets and writing!

I’ll see you all later! Keep writing, loves.


20 thoughts on “#1lineWed (On a Thursday!) Favorites: Feb. 24

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