The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award | Tag Tuesday

Hey everyone!

This tag Tuesday is going to be a little bit different. I recently read a post on Sublime Reads blog (these two are REALLY funny, so you should check them out) and they did the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award (that’s really a mouthful). I WAS NOT tagged/awarded to do this, but I liked their questions (no matter how strange they are) so I’m going to do it!

The rules are pretty much the same as the rules for The Liebster Award (I already did this one so here’s a link if you want to see it)

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their blog in your post.
  2. Answer the questions that the blogger who nominated you has provided.
  3. Nominate ten other bloggers (or up to 10).
  4. Create ten questions for your nominees and notify them of their nominations.


Here were the questions that Faith and Sarah came up with and I’m gonna do it!

1. If you had to advertise your blog to a stranger using only one sentence and wither the word “star”, “ketchup”, or “my brother’s/sister’s [insert noun”, what would your sentence be?

I would never describe my blog using those words, but we’re going to go with it. My sentence would probably be something like: “You should go check out my blog and ‘ketchup’ with what’s been going on in my writing.” I know, I’m really lame, but it’s okay. I embrace my lameness!

2. Real-life narwhals or magical unicorns?

Always narwhals. In case you don’t know what a narwhal is, here’s a GIF of the great creature:


3. If you were in the Hunger Games with all the fictional characters that you despised the most, what would be your initial reaction?

I would probably think ‘what the hell have I gotten myself into” because all the characters I despise, no matter ho much I hate them, would beat the crap out of me if given the chance.

4. Have you ever heard of/watched Korean dramas? If you answered no, in the off-chance that you were absolutely free from work, would you give one a shot? If yes, which is your favorite?

I’ve heard of them, but no, I haven’t seen any. I probably wouldn’t watch them because it’s just not my thing, but I can appreciate that other people enjoy them so much.

5. Make up a short summary for a debuting novel titled “The 5th Save”!

This ones a funny question! I’d like you to read this short summary in that ominous narrator voice if you could- it’s how it was written so it’d sound weird otherwise. “She wrote a 100K word novel, but didn’t save it four different times. Now, the time has come to save it the fifth time. Can she do it or will she be devastated by the amount of work she out into it?” 😛

6. Quick: say “Irish wristwatch” 5 times fast! Could you do it?

Funny thing, it’s the middle of the day where I’m at and everyone around me is working on school work. Imagine the looks I got trying to say this. 🙂 No, I couldn’t do it correctly.

7. What would you do if you became your favorite fictional character for a day?

My favorite fictional character is going to have to be America from The Selection Series by Kiera Cass. If I was going to be in her world, (which given the decision of the real world vs her world, I’d choose the latter) I’d be ecstatic because, if you didn’t know, America is fighting for the chance to win Prince Maxon’s heart and- SPOILER ALERT!!!- she becomes queen and has children with him? Yes, please!

8. You accidentally time-traveled back into the time of dinosaurs! If you had a choice of either immediately returning home or staying (to study them as much as you can and to be the first modern day dinosaur witness!) and learning to survive for at least 2 years, which one would you pick?

I would definitely go home. For one, I’d get crushed by dinosaurs almost immediately because I’m not that smart, and two, I’d literally starve myself, again because I’m not that smart. Maybe someone who was really good with surviving and WANTED to learn about dinosaurs could do it, but not me.

9. Here is a classic “would you rather”: Would you rather have a spray that could make all of your books waterproof or have one book of your choice with the ability to fangirl/boy along with you while you read?

I’m not necessarily messy around books (except for the time I went to gym and had perfume in my bag along with my book and the perfume bottle broke. All over my book. It was not a good day for me.) so I would say the latter. Having a book that could fangirl with me would be AWESOME!

10. If you could only say one sentence to Harry Potter, what would it be?

If I met Harry Potter, I’d be so excited that I’d spend my sentence saying something stupid like “Ohmigosh it’s Harry FREAKING Potter!” but since this is hypothetical, I would want to ask him about what happened after the last book. Then, he’d tell me this long explanation about how his life was after he married Ginny and whatnot.

Thank you to both Faith and Sarah for making these fun questions!

Now, I’m going to nominate a bunch of you readers to do this! Of course, if you want to do this one, I’m not going to say no, so go on ahead! I’d love to see you all answer these questions!











Now for the question part of this tag thing!

  1. Why do you think the chicken ACTUALLY crossed the road?
  2. When’s your birthday? (You don’t have to give the year if you think you’re too old. :P)
  3. If you had the chance to meet one famous person in your whole life, who would it be? (This means that you can only meet this person and no one else for as long as you live.)
  4. What are your views on the argument that is the dog’s pants? Here’s a picture so you know what I mean: dog pants
  5. What toppings do you choose on your pizza? (And if you don’t eat pizza, just pretend you do.)
  6. Where are you from? (State, country, or planet is fine.)
  7. Have you ever seen the plant a pineapple grows on? If yes, thoughts? If no, then look it up- it’s fascinating.
  8. What do you call a soft drink/soda-pop/coke/etc. where you’re from? (And a general location would be great too- north, southeast, mars.)
  9. You have to sing everything in your life (like a musical of some sort) would your songs be mostly opera, pop, rock, classical, or anything else you can think of?
  10. What is your favorite smell?

I hope you all liked reading this and when you get the chance, answer these questions! If you do, hit me up (but not actually because then we can’t be friends) on social media (you can find it in my ‘Let’s Get in Touch’ Page) or comment down below so I can check it out!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you all later!



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