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Salut, everyone!

My little sister is twelve years old and she loves this song titled Lava. It is from a short film by Disney Pixar about two volcanoes who find love.

I understand that volcanoes are inanimate and therefore can’t feel love. Or sing. But I think that this song reveals more than that. Here’s the link to YouTube where you can hear the song, but I’ll also post the lyrics down below for you.

A long, long time ago there was a volcano
living all alone in the middle of the sea
He sat high above his bed watching all the couples play
And wishing that he had someone, too.

And from his lava came this song of hope that he sang
out loud everyday for years and years.

I have a dream I hope will come true
That you’re here with me and I’m here with you
I wish that the earth, sea, the sky up above
will send me someone to lava.

Years of singing all alone turned his lava into stone
until he was on the brink of extinction
But little did he know that living in the sea below
another volcano was listening to his song.

Everyday she heard his tune her lava grew and grew
because she believed his song was meant for her
Now she was so ready to meet him above the sea
As he sang his song of hope for the last time.


Rising from the sea below stood a lovely volcano
Looking all around but she could not see him
He tried to sing to let her know that she was not there alone
But with no lava, his song was all gone
He filled the sea with his tears and watched his dreams disappear
As she remembered what his song meant to her.


Oh they were so happy to finally meet above the sea
All together now their lava grew and grew
No longer are they all alone, with aloha as their new home
And when you visit them this is what they sing.

I have a dream I hope will come true
That you’ll grow old with me and I’ll grow old with you
We thank the earth, sea, the sky, we thank too.

I lava you
I lava you
I lava you.

The point of me sharing that beautiful son with you is that you can find stories everywhere. Most of you reading this are not children so you’ve probably already figured this out.

Listening to a song, you can find some kind of story whether it tells you or you interpret it in some way.

I mostly just wanted to share this song with you, but I kind of needed an excuse so there. You know a new song AND you have a lesson. Even if you already know the lesson.

Thanks for reading this pointless post and I’ll see you guys later! Au revoir and don’t forget to écrire du coeur!


8 thoughts on “Songs are Stories Too | Thoughts on Things

  1. A beautiful post! Very insightful 🙂 I love finding inspiration anywhere I can. Music has a special way of making those light-bulbs go off in my head! Thanks for sharing the song, and the lesson 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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