Friday Prompts #6

Hey everyone!

I recently read a post on K.J.’s blog (that you can find here) and it was about a picture prompt. I usually do prompts that I make up on Fridays but I don’t have anything else planned and her prompt was just too good. Therefore, this is what you’re getting today. 😛

While I’m writing, I never feel like my words are flowing like they should, but writing this, I realized how good I actually have it. For some reason, this was very hard to write and I don’t know why or how to fix it so please excuse the poor writing of this one. 🙂

I’m borrowing this picture from K.J. so you can really get a feel for what’s happening.

Now, if you haven’t read K.J.’s post, you should because 1.) she’s awesome and her writing is just lovely and 2.) she explains the prompt in a way that I couldn’t because I wasn’t there. 🙂 Long story short, we have to write about this rock which looks like a dragon’s egg!


Antipodean Opaleye

The moonlight shimmered over the pearl white of the egg hidden partially by the sand. Just as the sea turtles had, the water dragons came out from the murky waters to lay their eggs in the sand.

Most of the dragons and turtles had already retreated back into the depths of their homes underwater except a few who made sure none of the eggs would be found by humans. After all, humans were obsessed with keeping dragons for themselves.

After their check of the surrounding area, those dragons, too, went back to their homes to sleep off the night.

Hours later, the sun started to rise and the first of the humans came to get in a  morning run or to watch the sunset on the beach. One girl, at the age of six, strolled down the shore with her cat ahead of her on a leash.

She was about to take another step forward when something shimmery caught her eye. Walking over, she picked up the object that fit perfectly in he two hands, dusted off the extra sand where it was hidden, and examined it, putting her eye really close to the surface.

What is it?, she thought but shoved it in her pocket. Whatever it was, it was hers now.

She went home, carrying her cat in her arms because it didn’t walk fast enough, and hid in her room where she studied more carefully.

Tapping the outside of it softly, she concluded that it was just a rock that she just happened to find along the beach. Of course, though, she was going to keep it. It would go nicely in her room.

A few weeks later she sat down at her desk and picked up the rock which she had been using as a paper weight on her homework and put her ear-buds in. Moments later, her rock started rolling around her desk. She put a hand over it to stop it and frowned. Maybe she had kneed the table?

She continued her homework, but seconds later was interrupted again but this time from a chipping sound coming from the rock.

She sat there and watched it as pieces flew off and something grayish poked out. She screamed and went to shut her bedroom door in case her mother decided to come in and check on her.

Her body was pressed up against her door as she watched, her heart-beat picking up every second.

Soon, the rock completely slit in half and lying there in the middle was the ugliest thing she had ever seen. Being a six-year old, she went over and poked it with her finger and stepped back when the thing moved. It made a gargled sound, purely coming from its throat and she slunk back a few more steps.

She watched it for an hour, never getting any closer, as it breathed and stirred. Finally though, it stood up and looked around, clearly confused.

It made the same sound again and moved it arms up and down, getting a feel for them, before taking off. It flew around the girl’s room, knocking into a walls and hitting the ceiling fan, which was thankfully off at the time.

When it landed back on the desk, she went and caught it. It struggled i her hand before turning its head and looking at her. The creature’s pale eyes were deathly afraid just as she was. It screamed at her and flew out of her hand, but surprisingly, went onto her shoulder and curled up into a little ball.

She was very confused. She thought about what it could be and off the top of her head, she came up with dragon. What a strange thought, but it was as plausible as this thing that came out of her rock.

She went and found her mother’s laptop and brought it back in her room to search dragons-specifically white ones that can fly.

The first thing that showed up was about an Antipodean Opaleye- the most common of dragons. They live in caves under the water and come to the sand to lay their eggs.

Of course this was what this was. She grabbed her shoes and her dragon and set off back to the beach.

Once there, she sat in the sand with her dragon roaming around her body until it was night. Her mom would be worried, but she didn’t care. She wanted this thing to be with its family again.

Just like she had hoped, as soon as the sun set, the dragons came out from the water along with the turtles.

“Excuse me,” she yelled at one of them. It turned, very alarmed and screeched. “It’s okay. I just want to return your baby.”

It didn’t understand what she was saying but when she held out the baby dragon, it ran over and took it from her. The baby dragon looked so sad to be taken from its friend, but excited when it was set down to play with the other baby dragons.

The older dragon yelled once more before scooting along the babies and pushing them into the water.

The girl was sad to see her friend go as well, but she was glad that she could do something right. She would always remember her first pet dragon and the way it climbed on her shoulder and the way it flew around her room. She would remember this Antipodean Opaleye.


6 thoughts on “Friday Prompts #6

  1. Aww what a sweet tale even if it was a little sad at the end. Lovely detail and great concept. Who wouldn’t love to have a pet dragon, although, feeding it might prove to be an issue 😉 Great job!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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