#1lineWed Favorites- Feb. 17


Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Welcome back to another post about one line Wednesday! You can check out my previous #1lineWed Favorites by scrolling down to the information part and you’ll find a search bar. Then, you can just type ‘#1lineWed Favorites’ and it will show up with all of the posts that have those words in it!

So many people participate in #1lineWed and I think that’s so amazing. It’s one of those days of the week where you’re waiting for the weekend (or at least I am) and it can’t come soon enough but luckily, we have our writer friends! Everyone who joins in is a fantastic writer with great sentences and even better Twitter accounts, so go check out all of these people by clicking the link embedded in their username.


Today’s theme was texture.

Here were my tweets for the day:

It’s a rough edge where it files and the other side a smooth buffer to even it out; it had to be strong to file down vampire teeth

Isla brought a bag over and unzipped it revealing a silky lavender dress with beading over it, giving it a nice lavish texture.

“What are we having for lunch?” “Everyday it’s the same sludge with the same texture and the same smell.”

I opened the door to see a man standing there but couldn’t see more than that before he swung a cold, hard metal object at my head

The rough stubble on his cheek made me giggle as he bent down to kiss my neck and left a small trail of warmth through my body.

At first, the water droplets felt good against my face, but now it felt like I was being pelted by icicles and I couldn’t breathe.

The chains used to strap me to the rock were cold and jagged, leaving me with chills and dark red scratches when I tried to move.

I rubbed my finger against the flower’s soft petal and thought of Aster who’s mother’s flowers were as soft as silk.

The feeling of his warm, chapped, lips lingered on my shoulder as he stepped back and disappeared into the foggy night.

When would I get to run my hand in her silky hair as she cried on my shoulder, ruffling my shirt that she ironed the night before?

And here were some lines from other great writers. And, like always, these aren’t in any specific order and I try to get a variety of writers so if you were in here last time, you might not be here this time.

Breaking from the tree line her footsteps crunched in the dry scrub grass, releasing their sweet dusty aroma with each step.

Gabe flinched as the fingers explored his back, reading his scars like braille, scared they’d reveal what he fought to keep hidden.

He traced constellations between my freckles, till I became the sky and all the stars in it.

“I’ve held onto your heart for so long I misplaced my own.” She looked up at me and said, “I’m sure there’s an app for that.”

I can’t tell if he is grinning at me or if the wrinkles in his cheeks are so deep that they yank at the corners of his mouth.

The wind penetrated her coat like knives of ice piercing her skin. It was still warmer than the reception she’d gotten inside.

The hospital sheets itched, like they were made from the same material as every tag on the back of every shirt I’d ever bought.

Suddenly it isn’t blood coating my neck, it’s the haunted feel of slick fingers, grabbing me from bed and slamming me into a post.

Rusko rubs at the peach fuzz on his chin he calls a beard. I’ve told him to shave it off, but he never listens—and it never grows.

She was his joker, troubadour, Bright Thing, sidekick, and wise fool—but in the end, she was his tragedy.

He watched her face. Maybe it was a trick of the light, but he swore he caught a glimpse of all the broken pieces inside of her.

“I can see why you missed that ball. You have unusually soft hands for a man. Do you moisturize?”

As the tiny crystalline flakes fell against the last smooth orange rays of day, they settled onto my lashes like a mother’s kiss.

His long arms slice the tranquil surface, attached to broad shoulders and tapering down to a slim waist and hips.

His scratchy red-tipped scales gave way to the smooth obsidian hide on his cheeks. My shimmering palm slid along his face.

I pushed my forearm under his ribs, down through moist innards and up past his lungs before I felt the calcified mass of his heart

The wall shimmered in the dark, and he touched it. Cold and smooth and rippled, like a wall of frozen smoke.

I sunk into the bed’s warm embrace, wrapping myself in layer upon layer of the softest sheets and blankets.

In a few moments William was at my side, crisp linen handkerchief in hand. He gently wiped the tears off of my cheeks.

The wool was itchy on her skin and she recalled the day her young brother had thrown hot tea at her. He was probably still in jail

Jace lay powerless in someone’s slimy arms. He jerked to his right and got a glimpse of a scaly green man hovering over him

“I’m never marrying again.” The words in her mouth felt scratchy, like walking barefoot over pine straw. “If I do, shoot me.”

it might be tuna casserole or beef stroganoff or chicken fettuccini alfredo — the texture is all kind of gooey-bumpy in my mouth.

Her lips grazed across his jaw before finding the soft flesh of his mouth. He opened to her, used his tongue to twine with hers.

The stinging cold wind that blew past her pale white skin could’ve killed her yet she stood there gracefully. Dead ones don’t die.

First a note, here and there, until they grew into a familiar melody. Strings, like tendrils of velvet weaving through the air.

A series of towering dust devils rose with violence, whipping the grasses and transforming the dirt into a blinding grit cloud.

If she had all her fingers, her grip may have hurt, but her hands look like the ends of cricket bats. Stubs of old scarred wood.

The material felt softer than velvet, satin or silk, & it hugged my body & curved around my waist like I was born in it.

That’s it for this edition of #1lineWed Favorites! I’m so sorry if I didn’t include yours but keep writing because I’m doing this again next week!

Thanks you all for reading and I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday and an even more wonderful rest of your week!

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