#1lineWed Favorites- Feb. 10

Hey y’all! (Sorry, my southern likes to show through sometimes :P)

Welcome back to another edition of #1lineWed Favorites. I love doing these every week and it seems like people like them as well. Wednesdays are my most viewed days here on my blog!

Today’s favorites are brought to you by smell! (The theme is smell or scent if you didn’t catch what I was doing.)

Because the theme was common, I had a lot of lines for today (and I realized how much I use smell in my writing and I can’t tell if it’s a god thing or a bad thing):

I felt a light touch on my arm and turned to find myself face to face with Daniel who smiled- I could smell the mint on his breath

“Why are they such…donkeys?” Mike asked sarcastically “They have hooves and everything.” “And don’t forget smelly,” he laughed.

I slipped on my shoes, grabbed my backpack, and headed downstairs towards the rich smell of coffee and bacon.

Inside of Bert’s clothing store, it smelled like leather and laundry detergent- just how I remembered it all those years ago.

“Is your room always this messy?” I wanted to laugh at her joke, but I couldn’t focus with the smell of dirty clothes and old food

With all the craziness of the past few days, I wasn’t worried about a shower, but now I could smell myself and I wanted to gag.

“You smell like a sock. And not a clean one that just came out of the wash either.”

The dirt was cool in my hands and smelled so good- like a brand new Spring; I could see how worms liked eating this stuff.

He smelled like flowers and ocean water. I was happy to say that this boy is my heat vision, spell teacher, ghost boyfriend.

Peeling paint, the smell of mildew, and a plaque that was planted in the entrance that said ‘Teaching Paranormals Since 1307’.

And here are some great ones by tons of writers out there (they aren’t in any specific order and I’m sorry if yours isn’t featured, but maybe next time!):

“It smells like wet dog in here.” He raised a handkerchief with one pudgy hand and held it to his nose in distaste.

“I miss the scent of her hair, the soft fragrance would linger on my pillow for days being both a comfort and a torment.”

“You smell like books,” she told him. “Of course. All geniuses do.”

He took a long gulp of his “coffee,” which she could smell was some type of alcohol. DECEPTION

“I’m not letting you in. You smell like wet horse, stale ale, and whores.” “Um, you remember I’m wearing your robe, right?”

Warm and pungent, ocean marsh ferments and bubbles, odors air-drifting on quiet summer evenings.

Instead he leant in, close enough for Dan to smell his stale breath as he hissed in his ear, ‘We know what you are.’

“You stink nice.” A chuckle emits. “You mean smell nice.” “Nope. You definitely stink nice, of a riped banana.” “I’m charmed.”

The way he looks at me, I swear he can tell. It’s like he can smell the lies on me.

The meaty fatty scent of the burning human bodies, her own children, made her sick to her stomach

The scent of crisp, freshly baked rolls conjured fantasies about biting into one, hot butter dribbling down her chin. (SoulSiren)

He smelled of a time before anti-perspirant, a time before corporations sealed our pores and whitened our teeth.

Sister Eunice unscrews the flask with the clear liquid inside. It’s not holy water—everyone knows that.

Drip. Drip. Drip. Water pelted her forehead. She was in a basement. A cold, damp basement reeking of death and decay.

He unfolds himself and stands up, disturbing the air with his clean scent of talcum and something deeper, something woodsy.

He smells their passing, a fresh undercurrent of youth beneath the ugly scent of smoke and heat, of burning fuel and death. Magpie

“Do you want another cake pop?” Bree asks. “Last chance.” She shoves the bag under my nose, but the sugary smell turns my stomach.

DJ leaned over and sniffed, “Are you…did you…is that Febreze?” “Don’t judge me, man. It’s was a rough night.”

Thank you guys so, so, so  much for reading and I hope you liked those tweets, because I know I did! That’s all for now, but I’ll see you all again tomorrow! Au revoir and don’t forget to écrire du coeur!



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