#1lineWed Favorites: Feb. 3


Hey everyone!

It’s 1 line Wednesday and I’m so excited for today! Since our theme is relatively easy, tons of people have posted their lines and there are some extremely good ones out there that you’ll see right now! Because of this, this edition on #1lineWed Favorites is slightly longer than previous ones.

Again, if you don’t know what #1lineWed is, you can check out my very first post about it here where I explain everything. 🙂

Today’s theme was comfort.


In case you were interested, here were my #1lineWed Tweets.

“I don’t wear pants.” “You’re more confident than me because I don’t feel comfortable walking outside without pants.”

The baby fit comfortably in her arms and quickly stopped crying at his mother’s touch.

“Lay down,” She instructed and I did as she said, lying on the uncomfortable crinkling paper sheets covering the hospital bed.

Someone grabbed my hand and I thought he was trying to comfort me because of the thunder but I was wrong. It wasn’t even him.

And here are some great lines from today! (These aren’t in any specific order and I tried to give it some variety than last time.)

“Remember me, you spoiled, spineless twits,” he says, raising his voice. “When you return home to your comforts.”

Touching others, even to comfort, was not his way. It reminded Jarras that he could never enjoy friendship & warmth as others did.

banish the clouds of stars wheeling across his addled brain. He lay sprawled in the dirt, quite uncomfortably, like a common drunk

I tell myself I’m comfortable. Safe. I smother myself in lies until I can’t remember what it’s like to breathe truth.

Dressed in my favorite sweats, I made a blanket fort out of a fuzzy red blanket on Madeleine’s $20,000 custom-made sectional sofa.

But there was no comfort even here, in familiar surroundings. She could outrun the soldiers, but she could not escape herself.

She’d forgotten the stale heat mixed with that certain decay that you could never really escaped. Had this been her life before?

She offered the comfort of a lie–or, at least, a guess. “Someone would react if the fallen were killing bound angels. No one is.”

Victoria sat down awkwardly on the edge of an armchair leading Isla to wonder if she ever sat comfortably.

The past was easy, comfortable, safe from the unpredictable and threatening claws of The Future.

“I’ve been separated from my school, I climbed a gigantic tree and now I’ve been told The Black Rainbow is real……!”

I fear that the comfort we seek is futile. It can make the strongest man weak at the knees and the most heavenly bodied woman weep

Comfortable was uncomfortable. Not for the first time, he thought, the problem was he always went by their definition.

“Hand to God,” he said looking to the sky. “I will ensure your comfort for as long as I live.” He’d die that night. Cruel irony

Something has changed between us which scares me because you’re the only one who brings me solace.

A cold, gentle breeze swirled around Joe’s head, as if dozens of icy hands were drying his face, halting his tears

Jars & jars of peaches. They glisten a warm sunshine hue when the beam of my flashlight passes over them, soft like a candle flame.

Thanks so much for reading! I have a question- Do you guys like to read these? If not, I’d be happy to stop but I just need to make sure. 🙂 I’ll see you all again later!


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