The Evolution of Mara Dyer- Michelle Hodkin

Hey everyone! It’s the first day of February! (Although, you probably already know that.)

It’s been a pretty good Monday! I learned how to say “the coffee is delicious” in French which is really all you need to know. (le café est délicieux) And I also learned “the tea is delicious” for tea drinkers (le thé est délicieux)!

During my Online Hiatus, I read a few books, one of them being The Evolution of Mara Dyer: Volume 2 of the Mara Dyer Trilogy. I know it’s been a full week since I ended the hiatus, but I wanted to get a review out and since I read this book two weeks ago, this is the review I wrote about it after I closed the book:


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Title: The Evolution of Mara Dyer

Author: Michelle Hodkin

Published: Simon & Schuster

Edition: 2012 Paperback

My rating: ****/***** (4/5)


If you didn’t know, you can usually find the actual summary of the book on the details/information page typically found in the front of the book on the first or second page. This summary is not sugarcoated as some might say like the synopsis on the back or front jacket so it’s much easier to find out what the book is about. This book just says, “Mara Dyer continues to unravel the mystery of her powers and her relationship with Noah.” which doesn’t give the book justice. If I was the one writing the summary, I would have said, “Mara Dyer struggles with her powers and having her family believe the truth while being sentenced to misery in either a hospital bed or the looney bin. She also uncovers more about her relationship with Noah and Noah as a person himself.” Mine is way better but probably too long. Nevertheless, you know the premise of the book better, now.

The start of this book takes place right after the end of the first book (The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer) where she goes to the police station and sees Jude, her supposedly dead ex-boyfriend. Everyone thinks she’s crazy, of course, because no one actual knows that she has the power to kill people. Since Noah is the only one who actual knows the truth, he believes her and tries to help her figure out what’s going on and try to protect her. A bunch of stuff goes on that I won’t tell you because you just need to read the book but it all leads to the end where Mara is committed to a permanent looney bin (sorry that I keep calling it the looney bin, but I just don’t know what else to call it. Either way, I offend someone so who cares?) where she has to find out yet again who her allies and her enemies are.

Literally the whole book takes place in a hospital or Horizons (the looney bin, but no one likes to call it that). I don’t mind it, though because it made the story that just more insane.

If you’ve read reviews on Goodreads just as I have, you would know that this book has a creepy factor. But it’s not really scary so much as it makes you think things that you wouldn’t have if hadn’t read that sentence. I thought it was really good, but I gave it four stars instead of five because I thought the ending could have been saved for the beginning of the last book. I just felt like the ending had as much action and feel to it as the beginning of the books. That said, it was one heck of an ending.

That’s the end of the non-spoiler section so to those of you who haven’t read it or don’t want to be spoiled, I bid you ado! Thanks for reading!


It’s no time for pleasant introductions again because we need to go right into this book.

What the heck?! Before I talk about the beginning of the book and my feelings, I want to talk about the end and my feelings are “what the heck?!”.

Noah can’t be dead. He. Can’t. Be. Dead. It’s just not possible. (Ce n’est pas possible. Je ne l’aime ce.)

There are so many twists in this story that I’m almost mad at it. Almost. The story was so juicy and had so much drama and hate and love and it angered me, I think because I just wanted to read it all at once and know what happens. (There should be some kind of superhero with that power. Like they can just read a book by looking at the cover and know everything that happens….why doesn’t this exist ?)

I absolutely love all of the characters. I was glad that we got to see Jamie again and the love with Noah is always a good thing. I just wish that Mara didn’t spend half of the book trying to get him in her bed- it just made it very slow and I was just disapointed every single time because I read a whole chapter about it and then nothing happens.

Noah can’t be dead. HE. IS. NOT. DEAD.


Thank you for listening to ramblings about this book ! If you’re still here, congratualtions. It means that you haven’t fallen asleep yet and this all just wasn’t a waste.





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