#1lineWed Favorites: Jan. 27

Hello, writers!

It’s Wednesday and I’ve waited a little longer than usual to post this. This ensures that everyone can mostly get their #1lineWed tweets out there before I pick my favorites.

If you don’t know what #1lineWed is, you should check out my first #1lineWed Favorites where I explain more about it.

Today’s theme was “sun”.


In case you were interested, here are some of my tweets for this Wednesday:

The sunlight hit the different angles of the gem and the car was covered in a blue hue.

The big trees’ leaves stretched across the expanse of the sky to block out the sun and it looked like late afternoon, not 9am.

The sun was hidden behind the large trees that overlooked the mountain I was now living in.

I try to get some different people than my previous ones, but again, some are just too good (and I forget who I previously mentioned :D). These are also not in any specific order. Without further ado, some great writers tweeting great writing:

‘I mainly just predict the weather.’ ‘And how do you do that?’ ‘Badly, I suppose. I once predicted that the sun would..be there.’

Blinding sunlight had her squinting so all that was left of the world was a thin, blurry, horizontal strip of pink and grey.

The ancient one appeared more mummy than woman – a shriveled prune, a dried raisin. She sits in the sun too much, thought Orla

The sun is to morning as you are to my madness. I rise with you and am lost without your light.

Shadows do more than hide you. They dance & creep. Steal your soul & save it. Even when I stood in the sun, I lived in shadow.

The setting sun blazed through the fir trees in the West, shards of red light shooting through the gaps between trunks

This close, in the sun that was already beginning to set as winter closed in, Avery could see the thin lines that framed his eyes.

For mere hours, he had everything he ever wanted, a family, and by morning–before the sun even rose–it had been stolen from him.

So many great lines today! Thank you so much for reading and (hopefully) participating in #1lineWed. All of you people are totally awesome! See you guys later!


12 thoughts on “#1lineWed Favorites: Jan. 27

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