Red Queen- Victoria Aveyard Review

Hey, everyone! I’m here with my very first blog book review! Today’s review is about Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. You can find this exact review on my Goodreads page so you should go follow me….yes, I just self promoted myself….



Title: Red Queen

Author: Victoria Aveyard

Published: HarperCollins Publishers

Edition: 2015 Hardcover

My rating: *****/***** (5/5)


If you don’t know, Red Queen is about a teenaged girl who lives in the middle of a war. (Of course, no one knows it’s a war). The world has been divided by blood for as long as anyone can remember. The ones with Silver Blood have special powers where they can control different elements (such as fire or water or minds) and this makes them more powerful than the Reds. The Reds (people with red colored blood) don’t have those powers so they must get lowly jobs or be drafted in the war.

The teenaged girl is named Mare Barrow and she’s a Red who steals to help her family get by and one day, while she is stealing in an alley, she meets someone who is more than he says to be. She ends up getting a job in the palace as a servant because of the man she met in the alley who happens to be the prince.

Meanwhile, Reds are angry that the Silvers are ruling over them because of the color of their blood. These people are called The Scarlet Guard and they are just a group of Reds trying to overthrow the King.

Mare gets swept up in the world of Silvers where Anyone Can Betray Anyone.

This book kind of reminded me of the Selection by Kiera Cass and here’s how: the world is divided between people who are poor and rich because of things they can’t control and the poor girl ends up in the palace, soon to be a princess. Also, in the beginning of Red Queen, they had a competition called the Queenstrial where Silver women came to the palace to be chosen as princess which I thought kind of sounded like The Selection, but it only lasted a couple of pages.

This book had a huge love triangle (which I loved) and tons of action (also something I loved). There was literally a surprise twist around every corner. The characters were believable and had so much depth to them that everything they do surprises you a little bit more.

I wish it was February already so that I could buy the next book (Glass Sword)!

That was the end of my Non-Spolier review so if you haven’t read it yet or you don’t want to know the ending, this is where we part ways. Thank you so much for reading and have a great rest of your day!


Now that all of those lame people have left, the really awesome people who have either read the book or like to live on the deep end can discuss.

In the beginning, I thought the theme Anyone Can Betray Anyone was just talking about how Mare was betraying her family by not telling them she was betrothed to Maven, or how both Mare and Maven were betraying all of the Silvers by joining The Scarlet Guard but I never thought it would be Maven who betrays everyone but his mother. I mean, Julian clearly warned Mare about what Maven was capable of but she just didn’t listen.

If I was in her situation, I wouldn’t have listened either because I was really warming up to Maven. He wasn’t full of himself like Cal was and he was just like Mare in that they were both overlooked because of another sibling. I wanted Mare to marry Maven and I wished they could have had cute little kids together. That lasted until about page 350.

At first, I loved Cal and thought that no matter what, Mare and Cal would end up together since he saved her from Conscription and he obviously had feelings for her but slowly, I despised him and I hoped that she wouldn’t forgive him for the things he did and want to be with him. After Elara made him kill his father, though, I felt a little bad for him. I still hated him, but just a little less than I did before.

I absolutely loved all of these characters even Evangeline although she was a complete jerk. All of the characters were so well developed and had such amazing back-stories and roles in the novel.

The last bit where Cal ends up killing the King because his mother forced him to, I didn’t put the book down at all. A few sentences, I wanted to throw my book at a wall (but refrained myself because the book is so pretty) and I literally had my mouth agape the whole time.

This is one of my absolute favorite books and I’m so excited to read the next one.


That’s the end of my review, so thank you for reading to those of you who stuck around and I’ll see you tomorrow with a tag! ❤ *Mwah*


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    • Aww! Thank you! I feel special that I was the one that pushed you over the edge. (I’m pretty sure that’s mostly used as a bad thing, but I’m using it as a good thing since the bottom of the abyss is books.) You really should read it! 🙂

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