Dead!- MCR

Happy Thursday! During my hiatus (sorry if you’re tired of hearing me say that) I wrote a bunch of short stories. Some were based on songs such as this one and some were just written from the top of my head. I worked really hard on this one and I think it turned out fantastic, but I’d like to hear what you guys think of it.

the black parade

This one is called ‘Dead!’ based on a song by My Chemical Romance called- you guessed it- Dead!. This song was in the album titled The Black Parade. All of the songs in this album have such a deep meaning, much deeper than what the lyrics say and that’s why I love it.

The album starts of with The End. (yes with a little ‘.’ at the end) and then goes into Dead! (also with a ‘!’ at the end) where it tells a story of a boy with heart cancer. Of course, people interpret it different ways, but this is how I think of it and I wrote a story about it.

If you have the time, I think you should go and listen to the whole album and maybe look at the lyrics because the whole story of it is great. 🙂



The monitors next to him made a neutral sound, which meant his heart stopped beating. The rush of doctors pushed through the door and surrounded the boy, but nothing happened because he was gone.

They stuck around for half an hour, making sure there was nothing left to do, but it didn’t matter. No one was waiting in the lobby, hoping that he made it through the night.
Before they left, though, the doctor unplugged the monitor thinking there was no more use for it.

Mostly everyone had gone home after that. They went home to their families or home to their nice houses where they didn’t have to worry about when they would take their last breath.

It was quiet in the hall where the boy was temporarily stationed until the next morning when they finally got around to moving him when someone walked by. She didn’t check in or have a badge or anything, just walked right into the boy’s room.

“Wake up,” she whispered in his ear.

He opened one eye, kind of startled. “Who are you?” he asked as he had never seen this woman before.

“Did you get what you deserved?” she asked, sitting in the chair beside his bed that had been empty ever since he got there.

“What the hell are you on?” he glared at her.

The woman talked slower this time as she would a child, “Did you you get what you deserve?”

“Should I know what that means?”

“It depends. It already depended before and it depends now. Do you know if you’re going to heaven?”

“I’m about to call the nurses in here. You must be deranged.”

“I’m guessing you didn’t get the memo, then?”

“What memo?”

“You’re dead.”

Suddenly, everything stopped. The air around them stilled, the clock stopped ticking, even the pesky fly that had been there for days stopped midair.

“Are you messing with me? You better not be messing with me.”

She sighed. “You knew this was coming.”

“If I knew this was coming, I would have gotten my family over here. Despite what the doctors think, I still have family.”

“No one would have come. Think about all of the things your family said to you before you were diagnosed with heart cancer. The never even liked you and you know it.”

“So what are you, some kind of angel sent to bring me to heaven?”

“I already said, it depends. You’re dead now and you have to earn your spot among the people who have worked for it.”

“I can’t believe this. This is crazy sh-” but the woman narrowed her eyes at him. “This is crazy stuff. One second, I’m alive and sleeping and the next I’m talking to some imaginary chick.” He said this mostly to himself, but the woman took this into consideration.

“I’m the only one here for you. Your family couldn’t care less about you and you never fell in love. Never found the right girl to hold your hand while you were dying. And now you’re dead and you can’t do anything about it. You should be glad that I’m here helping you.”

“Wow, you’re making me feel really good about myself. You’re the worst guardian angel ever.”

“I’m no guardian angel, babe. I’m just here to see if you get into-”

“Heaven, yes I got that the fifth time you said it.”

Another sigh. “So, the question we’re all dying to here the answer to is did you get what you deserve?”

“I’m not sure if it’s because my heart is no longer functioning like a normal heart or you’re just not making any sense, but I’m very confused.”

“Do you think you deserved to die? Was your life fulfilled.”

“Hell no! I’m twenty-effing-three and have had heart problems my whole life. I would say no, my life wasn’t fulfilled.”

“I’ve been watching you, babe. I’ve watched over all of your operations and listened in on conversations you otherwise would have no idea about.”

“Where are you going with this?”

“They didn’t tell you the truth after your operation. They told you that your heart was functioning just the same as it always did but your life was going to be shorter than everyone else’s. They estimated that you only had two weeks to live not because your life was shorter but because there were complications with your heart.”

“I know that. That’s clearly why I’m here.”

“You don’t understand. You wanted to be dead but never realized it fully. Your heart was ready to let go, but rationally, your brain wasn’t. It wasn’t until you gave up recently and let sickness take over you that your body finally let go.”

“Life aint just a joke,” the boy said.

“Excuse me?”

“It’s an expression,” he answered and chuckled.

“If life isn’t a joke, then why are you laughing?”

“If life isn’t a joke, then why am I dead?”

“That’s a question only you can answer.” she got up and started to leave. “I think you’ve earned your way. It may have not been what you deserved but it’s too late now. The news will spread around soon that you’re dead.”

“I’ll be here waiting, babe. The end,” and then he let his eyes rest and his soul float away into the air, the skin of his body going cold and pale from the lack of it.

The angel smiled and floated off with him, without anyone ever knowing she was there.


All written works are property of Jasmine Carlisle

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