#1lineWed Favorites- Jan. 20

Good afternoon, writers! It’s Wednesday, January 20th and you know what that means! Another #1lineWed favorites!

I apologize that I wasn’t online last week due to a short break from the internet but I’m back now and we’re going to have some fun with some lines from people’s WIP and I can’t wait for you to read them because there were some very special ones out there!

If you’re new to #1lineWed, check out my last post where I explained and shared some lines from January 6th!

Today’s theme was DARK.


Here are my posts for #1lineWed:

I ran through the darkness like a lunatic trying my best to make sense of the situation, but I was so close to breaking down.

It was a gloomy day outside as the heavy moisture fell from the dark sky.

The sun was just setting, leaving a ghostly shadow over the backyard where they played.


These are my favorites of the day and you should definitely go follow these great people on Twitter (I tried to get some lines from different people than last time, but some of them were just too good not to share):

The unnatural roaring & blood curdling screams from the burning monastery were still with him as he escaped into the dark wood.

She wore black that day. And she never wore black. It matched the weather, the mood, but most of all, it matched her darkest fear.

A shallow river meandered across the landscape, pooling on occasion into a cool, dark presence, before disappearing on the horizon

Catherine is trying on her second wedding dress, the first one at the bottom of the pond, holding its dark and bloody secret.

Jed walked in with blood running down his face, a dark line across his nose. He glared daggers at the boy, daring him to speak.

It’s so cramped and dark in here. I can barely move or breathe. Had I known it would be like this I would have chosen cremation.

His tone is calm, but I can hear exhaustion, fear and pain in his voice, like dark undercurrents in an otherwise tranquil river.

If we do this, I lose what little of myself I have left. I’m crumbling & rebuilding myself with everything dark that surrounds me.

He spoke quietly, darkness in his voice. “And would you like me to hurt him for you?”

Thick, dark clouds fill the sky, as if the expansive gray highway stretches above us as well as below.

Darkness took her in its arms, held her tight and squeezed. Light billowed out in streams until all was drained. Tonight, evil won

They fled into the growing shadows of the night, embracing the velvet covering that shrouded them in secrecy.

Go look on the hashtag on Twitter to see more wonderful people participating since I only skimmed the top of the #1lineWed barrel (did I use that correctly?). You won’t be disappointed!

Thank you for reading once again! I’ll see you next week for another #1lineWed Favorites post! Love you guys! :*


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