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Good morning, lovelies! Today, I’ll be doing the Writing Habits Tag created on YouTube. Unfortunately, the original creator made the video private and I don’t know who it was to give credit to.

I thought this would be super duper fun and I think that my writing friends would have fun doing this one as well. These are the people I’m tagging to do this:






Of course, if you want to do this one you can! Let’s get on with the questions!

1. Typed or Handwritten?

Definitely typed if I’m writing a book or a short story. I like writing poems handwritten, though.

2. Cursive or Printed?

If someone else is going to read it one day, then print. If not, I love writing in cursive.

3. Show us your favourite pen.

2016-01-01_17.03.02 These are both my favorite pens. The on on the right writes in purple (my favorite color) and the one on the left has a funny top on it. 🙂

4. Where do you like to write? (Location)

On my bed! I do some of my best writing on my bed, next to a window, cuddled up with my fluffy dog! I write most of my blog posts on my couch, though because it has really good lighting and a bigger TV, better to watch Dirty Dancing on, my dear. (I was trying to do a Little Red Riding Hood thing but I don’t think it worked. :P)

5. Who are your five favourite authors in terms of authorial style?

Can I just say two? I only have two that I like because of the writing style. So, my two favorite authors in terms of authorial (is that even a word?) style are John Green and Kiera Cass. Immediately once you read something of their writing, you can tell it belongs to them. It’s so unique and makes so much sense without telling too much.

6. What are you your three favourite books on writing?

I don’t read a lot of writing books but one of my favorites is Still Writing: The Perils and Pleasures of a Creative Life by Dani Shapiro. You can also never go wrong with the Dummy books (my favorite being Writing Young Adult Fiction for Dummies by Deborah Halverson.)

7. Have you ever competed in NaNoWriMo?

Yes! 2015 was my first time.

8. Have you ever won NaNoWriMo?

Yes! 2015 was my first time.

9. Have you ever had anything published?

Nope. I planned to in 2015 (my great grandmother’s cousin’s co-author helped people self publish books) but it didn’t turn out and I decided to wait until I wrote a better book to publish. Hopefully this year, though!

10. What projects are you working on now?

A project titled Hollow about a world of robots and another one titled Land of the Free about a world of zombies!

11. What is your soundtrack to writing?

It’s different every time I write something. At first, I wrote to My Chemical Romance (great band) then Black Veil Brides (also great band) and then Vivaldi (great composer). I also sometimes write in silence when I want to concentrate.

12. Do you have a writing pump-up song?

I don’t even know what this means. Maybe it’s talking about a song that gets you in the mood to write? If that’s what it means, then no. The things that get me in the mood to write is my friends on Twitter! They are all so supportive and they talk about their writing and I just want to write when I read their tweets.


So, that was it! Thank you for reading! Hopefully those of you that I tagged can do this one! I’ll see you guys next week for another tag!


One thought on “Writing Habits Tag

  1. I added Gabriel’s name on the list of people I wanted to tag because it wasn’t there before. (Sorry I forgot! It wasn’t on purpose). He’s now on there and I want him to do it too!


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