WIP Excerpt: Hollow #2

Hello people! I love posting excerpts from my WIP so here is the beginning of the second chapter of Hollow. (You can find the first chapter in the post titled WIP Excerpt: Hollow.)


Chapter 2:

I sat in the waiting room in one of the hard plastic chairs. The rest of my family had gone with June into surgery, but she didn’t want me there, so there I sat. I was still in my pajamas because I hadn’t had time to change before everyone had so hurriedly gotten into the car, but at least I was comfortable.
I had asked the secretary lady if she could change the television channel to Hallmark and she did without so much as an argument. She did look at me kind of funny, though. I sat there watching the cheesy romance of the current movie that I had seen so many times before.
When the hospital phone rang, I looked over at the secretary as a way to tell her to silence it. She answered it and was covering her mouth while whispering into the phone at the same time she was looking at me. I decided to ignore it because I always got a bunch of stares from strangers and people talking about me because of how I looked.

A couple of minutes later, a nurse came up to me and sat in the chair right across from me. She was wearing a white uniform with a bright blue vest over the top. Her light red hair was in a smooth bun on the back of her head. She had red lipstick that was starting to fade on the edges and smear onto the outside of her mouth. “Are you…” She looked down at the papers that she had in her hands. “Victoria Fay?”
“Yes?” I said. I don’t remember telling anyone my name or filling out any paperwork.
“How old are you, Ms. Fay?” She asked.
“Seventeen. Is everything okay?” I was becoming a little worried. Why was I the one being interrogated? I was just someone waiting in the waiting room while my sister was the one supposed to be here.
“Perfectly fine. Just one more question for you. When was your birthday?”
“September fifth.” My seventeenth birthday was exactly one month and a week ago. Victor and I had a large family gathering where we celebrated our seventeen years. It wasn’t as fun as I had hoped it would be, but I was happy that everyone else was enjoying themselves.
“I’m going to need you to follow me,” She said and got up.

This wasn’t as action packed as the last one but I still think a lot is going on. (But you can’t really tell because this isn’t the whole chapter.)

Thank you for reading! Again, this isn’t edited whatsoever so I would appreciate if you just looked past that. 🙂

Later, loves!



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