Friday Prompts #2

Hey, guys! Welcome back to another Friday Prompts! I had a lot of fun writing the last one so I’m excited for today!

Here’s a link to my last Friday Prompts where I tell you more about it!

Today’s theme is wishes.

  1. Grant your character’s one wish.
  2. Write about an unattainable wish your character has.

I’ll be using prompt number 2 to write a few sentences.


A Cry for Magic

I watched  from the last pew in the church as people stood in a single file line to see Michael. His pale, cold skin, stood out against the dark red of his coffin. A single tear fell from my face and hit the floor. A single tear that I wished had the power to stop my lover from jumping off the bridge and into the icy water. No such power came from a tear so full of sorrow.


Thank you for reading my short paragraph! Sorry it was sad but not everything in life is all unicorns and rainbows. Sometimes the ugly horse covered in flies and the black clouds have to come through.

Come back next week for another Friday Prompts!



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