#1lineWed Favorites- Jan. 6

Hello, fellow writers! Today is the first post of my favorite #1lineWed tweets!

If you don’t know what #1lineWed is, it’s a hashtag on Twitter where writers take a day (Wednesdays) of writing and post a sentence based on the theme posted the day before by Kiss of Death. (Sorry if that was a bit confusing.) There is no signup or qualification needed. If you want to participate, add your line on Twitter using the hashtag and people will read it!

Today’s theme was NEW.

Here are my #1lineWed tweets in case you were interested:


“So let’s see the new tattoo on your hand, ghost girl,” He clapped his palms together and pursed his lips into a thick line

The light had gone away and the bees were still flying around waiting for the newest flowers to bloom.


Here are some of my favorite tweets of the day (of course there will be more tweets later on so you should definitely check them out):

Light gave way to utter darkness. Marissa staggered as a strange new sensation,like dropping off a high building, washed over her.

“I’m not surprised; his behavior is nothing new.” “Then why are upset?” “Because I’m a woman. We’re not rational creatures.”

“Well, Dave,” the doc said, tapping on my spiny shell, ” looks like you’re a new species.”

A new day with a violet sky, embers fell casting a golden glow. The land nothing but potholes, the reddish waters flowing around.

Everything in the house is new and expectant, waiting for memories to be made, for stories to be layered down like dust.

Can we please come up with a new name? ‘Mutant zombie’ is so blasé. How about something badass like ‘The Awakened’? Or ‘Mumbies’?

“Mom! New socks? Really?” “”What’s wrong with socks?” “You don’t wear socks with sandals. “Why not?” “Good grief, Mother!”

“No. New means fresh air. Open fields, blank pages…Januaries. When I think of that, and look at you, I feel nothing but old.”

“Happy New Year!” she shouted. Then she squinted at him. “Why do you have a dent in your forehead?”

“It’s a new Q & A type test. I expect candid responses.” “What if I refuse to to play your game?” “We punish you by hurting them.”

For those of you mentioned, I hope you don’t mind that I’ve used your #1lineWeds for this post.

I wish that I could have put more, but if I said all of my favorites, this would be really long. You should go follow all of these lovely people and jump into #1lineWed!

I hope you enjoyed this and if you did, maybe I’ll do one for next week as well! Thanks for reading!


19 thoughts on “#1lineWed Favorites- Jan. 6

  1. Great post! There are so many awesome lines in (and awesome folks playing) #1lineWed (and #2bitTues). Great community, great fun, and definitely helps me to look at my WIP in a new light and edit lines to be so much better.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree! There were definitely too many lines to add on here but these were just a few of the many awesome ones. #1lineWed is something I look forward to every week. Thank you for reading and commenting!


    • You’re very welcome! I’m pretty sure that this whole post idea is something no one else does. (Most of my posts come from inspiration of other posts.)

      I’m so happy everyone liked it and I’ll definitely be doing it again!

      Liked by 1 person

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