Writing Update #1

It’s Monday and that means either a book review or an update on my writing for last week. Since I didn’t finish reading a book, here’s an update for the week of Dec. 27- Jan. 3!

I only wrote 5K words this week.

Here’s why, though: on October 31- the day before NaNoWriMo-, I got a new software for my laptop called ywriter (definitely recommend this). I had written all of my other WIPs in a Word document and I like using ywriter better so I had to switch over my WIP from Word to ywriter. (It takes a while because it’s way more organized than Word.)

There you go, my excuse for only writing 5K this week. But I at least wrote something and I feel like it’s going pretty good. So far, my characters are doing what I want them to and my plot seems to be going smoothly.

Hopefully this week will be better!

How did your writing week go? I hope better than mine!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow with my very first tag post!


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