I was tagged by Mollie over at Mollie’s Musings to do the 7-7-7 meme! This is where you post 7 lines, from the 7th paragraph, on the 7th page/ chapter of your WIP.

This is going to be taken from my work in progress titled Hollow:

“’I’m Stone.’

I just sat there, letting the silence wash over both of us. This interrogation wasn’t going anywhere if I didn’t cooperate and I was fine with that. He wasn’t getting anything out of me.

‘That was your queue to tell me your name,’ He said and crossed his arms.
‘Fay,’ I replied.
‘Fay is your first name?’ He lifted up one eyebrow. ‘That’s a strange name.’
‘No, I’m just not going to tell you my first name.’ I crossed my arms as well.
‘You will soon,’ He said and stood up, knocking his plastic chair  over as he did. He whispered to one of the guards on the inside of the room and the guard nodded. The guard left and Stone came to sit back down and stare at me.”

I hope that was 7 lines but honestly, I’m too tired to check. Thank you for reading and if you’d like to do this one, then be my guest since I don’t know enough people who haven’t done this. 🙂

See you all later for more posts!


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