Friday Prompts #1

Happy Friday! While reading this I’d like you to sing “Friday” by Rebecca Black so that it can be stuck in your head forever. You’re very welcome.

These are the rules for the game of Friday Prompts.

  1. You can absolutely participate in Friday Prompts. You can keep it for your own story or you can share it with everyone.
  2. Send me a link on Twitter if you choose to share it.
  3. You can use one prompt or both depending on how you interpret it.
  4. It can be a short story, a paragraph, a sentence, or even a full novel if you’d like.

Those were more like things that go with Friday Prompts instead of rules, but we’re going to go with it. 🙂

Today is the first Friday Prompts and to start it off, we’ll be using the category of The First Time.

The two prompts for today are:

  1. Write about the first time something changed the life of your character.
  2. Write about the first time your character felt completely hopeless.

I’ll be using prompt #1!

Manny’s Pub:

Eliza stood in the bar, her back facing the group of rowdy men in leather jackets and ripped jeans.

She hadn’t taken a second glance at them since she walked in and she tried to keep it that way. She knew that if she turned to look at them, one would catch her eye and walk over to her, inevitably smirking and flirting her way.

Eliza was not fond of biker men but she encountered many during her weekly trips to Manny’s Pub. With her deep back hair and smoldering green eyes, she got a lot of unwanted attention and the only people who walked in were bikers and women with short skirts and crop tops, hoping to find a one night fling.

“Give me another, Manny,” Eliza said, slamming her shot glass on the counter. She still had trouble getting the weekly stress off of her mind while drunk, but the alcohol usually numbed it.

“That’s your sixth one, Eli. Are you sure you want to keep going?” he asked her this every Friday and she always had the same answer.

“Yes, Manny,” she said in a sigh. “Why must you ask anymore? You know my answer.”

“Because I have to. I care about your health and I don’t think downing six shooters is very healthy.”

“Just give me another.”

He shook his head but poured her more of the amber liquid into her glass. Eliza swallowed it in one gulp when someone sat down next to her and asked, “Mind if I join you?”

She didn’t look at him because she already knew who he was, what he looked like, and what his intentions were. “Yes, actually. I do mind.”

“Alrighty then,” he said, sitting down anyway.

“I said I didn’t want you here,” she spat.

He started tapping his fingers on the counter, waiting on his beer, and said, “If I’m not mistaken, this chair is public property. You don’t have to talk to me, but I can sit here.”

She turned her head then. No one had ever said anything like that before. Especially if they were planning on getting drunk later on.

Her expectations of the man were completely off. He was tall, but not skyscraper tall. His brown hair matched his brown eyes, both so full of life. He wasn’t wearing a leather jacket or had jeans with holes. “Who are you?” she couldn’t help but ask, furrowing her brows in the process.

“David,” he said, holding out his hand for her to take. She did, not knowing why and her brow furrowed more.

“I’m Eliza,” she said. “Why are you here?”

“This is a bar. Why else would I be here?”

“Only bikers and strippers come here.”

“You don’t look like either.”

“Neither do you.”

He laughed. “Do you mind if I buy you another drink?”

“Sure,” she said. This was extremely out of character for Eliza and both she and Manny could see that.

They sat there for longer than she intended, but after a while, she no longer minded. She was laughing, something Manny had never seen or knew she was capable of.

David looked down at his watch and frowned seeing it was already midnight. “It was really great talking with you, Eliza. Maybe we can do it again this Tuesday?”

She just nodded and David grabbed his coat, running off into the chilly London weather.

“You look happy,” Manny said after she had been smiling for half an hour after David left.

“Because I am,” Eliza said.

And after that, Friday was David and Eliza’s date night. Manny’s Pub was where David proposed, where Eliza told David she was pregnant, where Eliza and David went every Friday until their first born son was of legal age and he joined them.

Manny’s Pub changed Eliza’s life forever and she couldn’t help but thank David for making it happen.


I hope you all had fun reading my Friday Prompt short story and maybe writing your own. I’ll see you next Friday for another one!


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