Just Cats

I feel like every blog should have one of these posts because this one is all about cats.

I don’t have a cat because my dog likes to be the center of attention but I LOVE cats!

cat attack

I used to have this grey cat once and his name was Cat Loose. My parents named him Zeus originally but me, being a three year old, called him Cat Loose instead of his actual name.

There are many great stories about Cat Loose but one that my sister and I like to talk about is when we used to dress him up in people clothes and pretend he was an actual human baby. 🙂

Cat Loose was an outside cat because he liked to roam around but one day he just up and left and we haven’t had a cat since.

I’d like to get a cat but for now, I’m living that life through my grandmother who is the biggest cat lady I know. Her cat Bunny is just the sweetest but if she touches you at all, you better have a lint roller on hand because she is covered with fur. It makes it hard to carry around like a baby when you get a big hairball in your mouth every few seconds. 🙂

Sorry if this was a weird post, but I really like cats and I figured that maybe other people want to hear about them as well. I’m going to put some pictures I found on the internet of cats… because, better safe than sorry, right?

cat mustachecat basketcat and dogsmall catreading cat

You’re very welcome, internet. No payment is required for my services.


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