More about me.

So maybe I’ve been stalking Mollie’s blog but it’s been pretty productive in my opinion. Ever since I made my blog official by posting my very first ever post, I’ve been thinking about what I could write about on here that people would actually read.

I read one of Mollie’s earlier posts titled “Introducing…Me” and I thought it’d be fun to do it as well. (Sorry I stole it, Mollie, but if you didn’t want me to, then why is it such a good idea?)

So without further ramblings, I give to you my list of crazy things that you might have not wanted to know but you are going to know anyway! (That was going to be my title but figured it was too long.)

  1. I’ve only organized my books one way: alphabetical by author last name.
  2. I love anything grape but I hate raisins.raisin.gif
  3. I’m a Sophomore in high school!
  4. I’m home-schooled (But only for a year).
  5. I wrote my first book when I was ten but it’s still not published.
  6. I like cats better than dogs but only own a attack.gif
  7. I write by the seat of my pants and I like it that way.
  8. My favorite band is Black Veil Brides and every time Andy screams, I whisper while singing along.andy scream.gif
  9. I’m embarrassed to sing in the shower even if I’m alone.
  10. I know the songs and dances to every single number in Pitch Perfect and can do them on the spot.pitch perfect.gif
  11. I used to be in Choir before I was home-schooled.
  12.  I skipped 8th grade.
  13. I write more than one book at a time and the same with my reading. It really depends in my mood at the time.
  14. If you saw me dancing, you’d think I was having a seizure.
  15. I spend more time than I should making my librarian buns look nice.
  16. I had a fish that I called Tallahassee who was named after Woody Harrelson in the movie “Zombieland”.tallahassee.gif
  17. If there is a fictional character I think is cute and the book becomes a movie, I automatically think the actor is cute as well.
  18. My favorite word is saxicolous which means “one who lives with rocks”. I think it’s funny.
  19. I live in Texas and hate it. It never snows! What kind of place is this?

20. Lastly, I dislike socks of all kinds. They confine my feet and I used to feel like they were eating my feet. (Same thing with tennis-shoes. It’s why I only wear flip-flops/ sandals).


I REALLY hope you liked that one. I wasn’t sure if you wanted to know me on a personal level, but what the heck. If you have anything you’d like me to post, feel free to tell me on Twitter or leave a comment down below!


7 thoughts on “More about me.

  1. You are the absolute cutest! I want to steal you and keep you with me at all times ❤ However, that would be a felony, for which I was go to prison and lets be serious…do I look like the type of girl who could survive a long term prison sentence? No.
    What I'm trying to say, in a not so articulate way, is I love you, I love this list and I love your blog! You are hilarious and I got a great chuckle out of your facts. Feel free to steal from me anytime (although if you keep one upping me with my own bits…I'm gonna have to show you who's boss ;p)
    I love Pitch Perfect as well and when we hang out (because it will happen one day lady…mark my words) we'll totally have to reenact some of the musical numbers!
    I'm the same with raisins as well. Yuck! There are few things worse than biting into what you think is a chocolate chip cookie, only to find out it's oatmeal raisin. FAIL!
    You're in Texas and I'm in Georgia. Two southern lady writers. But you do realize that if it snowed in TX, you'd HAVE to put some socks on!!! 😉
    Great post…keep them coming!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’d vouch for you so it wouldn’t REALLY be a felony.
      Show me who’s boss? I already know you’re the boss! The only reason why I did this post was because your’s sold it so well!
      We really should hang out sometime! Maybe one day! I’m surprised I wasn’t casted for Pitch Perfect in the first place. Maybe it’s because I’ve never seen myself do the dances in a mirror. 😛
      Oatmeal cookies are the worst! Why do people even like them?
      If it snowed in Texas then I would have to get used to socks. I guess I’ll figure it out once the time comes. (though we’ll never really know since it’s 100° in December.)


  2. You have fire in your writing, huh Jasmine! Though this post told us more about you, we also learned a new word. Really, how many people knows what “saxicolous” means? Thanks for a an article to make people smile. Have a good day.

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  3. I’d like to see snow someday, if only to stand within falling snow while singing, “My power flurries through the air into the groooouuuunnnnd,” as if I’m the one creating the snowfall. (Too much information?)

    This was a wonderful list of facts. I agree with Mollie that you should feel free to steal her ideas at any time. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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