“Land of the Free” Prologue

This is the first time anyone is ever reading my writing, so go easy on me. That said, I hope you enjoy it and please give some feedback! This one is called “Land of the Free” and was something that came to me while trying to sleep (almost everything does) and I couldn’t help but write it down! So, here we go:


One nurse, the doctor, a woman, and her husband were in the delivery room. The woman on the bed quietly screamed and groaned to herself as her contractions got worse.

Her husband’s hand was wound tightly around hers and hers around his, but it didn’t make her feel any better.

The young nurse was said to be an intern so it caused no surprise to anyone when she looked a little sick. Her skin was pale and her brown eyes were blood shot, ringed with dark circles, and her blonde hair was kind of matted and sweaty, but she was still standing there.

She soon walked away from the doctor and towards the woman’s husband. She stood on her toes to whisper in his ear but the the only reaction to this was his face paling and his shoulders moving towards the ground a little more than before.

Thinking he was nervous, his wife turned her head and smiled. “It’s okay, Jeff. You’re going to be a great father.”

But he wasn’t worried. He was barely even thinking. He bent over his wife and whispered into her ear like the nurse had to him. She suddenly looked less stressed out and paled as well. She also stopped screaming which was unheard of for the doctor since she was minutes away from giving birth to her first child. Half a minute later, the doctor held out a little girl for the mother who just smiled, but you could see the light in her eyes. She was truly happy.

She couldn’t say anything, though, since her body was quickly changing into something the nurse and the baby’s father had already become. A zombie.

The baby wasn’t crying until the nurse leapt towards the doctor and started gnawing on his flesh, making his blood run all over the clean white floor. All the while, the newborn never left her mother’s hands.

The other nurses heard the screams and ran in, yanking the baby out of the hands of her monster mother. Two of them held down the nurse already turned and another pulled the father out of the room. It was complete chaos.

The mother started crying, not from being bitten or from watching her husband being strapped to a table but from love for her baby. Despite her lack of feeling, she remembered her child and it was heartbreaking for her to be separated from her.

The male nurse who took the newborn laid her down in one of the incubators filled with other new children and whispered to her. “You can be free,” he said to the crying baby. “You can be free but never truly free all the same. You can grow up without the smothering of a parent but you will be forced into hiding. Freedom comes at a price. It’s never actually free.”


I’d appreciate it if you left your feedback! Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on ““Land of the Free” Prologue

  1. Amazing job lady! I was sucked in from the very beginning, wrapped up in the magical moment of childbirth and then BAM! — zombies! So cool 😀
    I definitely want to know more: how did this happen? What happens to the new born baby? Does she grow up to find a cure?
    Thank you so much for sharing it!! Can’t wait to read more 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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